I'm 019 already!

Cutting short this whole entry cause I'm too lazy doing a full version again because I did that on LJ already(: It's private though, will only accept people I want to add :Dv Evil me~!!

Anyway, it's past 12 already and it's 7th of June which means HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREAA! Although it haven't turn 7th in America.

Yesterday was my birthday as everyone know considering on the number of wishes I've got. Thank everyone. I really feel happy for the blessing I have received throughout the whole day. Why don't I talk about how I spent my birthday(:

I met Grace at 2 to have a meal at Paya Lebar and then went for service at HOGC. Well, I can fully be proud that I accepted the holy spirit into my life again. Church was awesome, Pastor preach a very powerful message on how our god is the master of breakthrough. The spirit of David will conquer the spirit of Goliath. As you know the story~ David was a strong man who obeyed the Lord.

HOGC cell members than helped me celebrate my birthday which I have to give them a million thanks on it! For the birthday song, the birthday card, the birthday cake and even the birthday wish.



Thank you(: After that we had Super Junior Concert Screening for 'Super Show' and the funny part was when the emcee was asking whether we enjoyed the concert, all of us said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sorry Suju, I do hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore though.

Next, I guess I finally done with thinking everything about him. His an amazing person.

hello 002 entry of fc2 :D

Here I am again xD

Greetings everyone! *throws confetti around*

A moment of courtesy to just mention that I changed my blog. The reason why I chose fc2 is because I could transfer all my blog post easily and I wanted to keep them~ Important memories ne 8D

I finshed 3 series of 'The Big Bang theory' and taking in lots and lots and lots of Physic, biology, engineering from Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj XD Didn't really do that much for my brain. Anything that has to do with science and maths, you know how my body works :/ Low sponge rate means nothing went into my brain. At least Penny was there to accompany me in being that lady who doesn't have the same wave length as the geniuses ;D HOLA~

Yadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can't wait for curry tommorow! I have't had curry in such a long time, ever since my stay at Eve's house. I just hope they don't sell out that fast :/ It's good stock (Y) It's 3:40am in the morning on a friday (TGIF!WOOT~) Forgive my nonsensical rambling :P Oh and it's Albirex vs Home United match too. Sharlyn is coming. YIPEE :)


For the lack of posting

The 5x10 DVD is sooooooooo worth it!

Why is Nino kissing Jun? This was from the 5x10 Dvd 09.08.30 Digest when it was the thrid day of Kokuritsu and it was pouring so badly! As they were singing 'Beautiful days', it was Nino's solo and his mic went off and had no sound. Jun noticed it, immediately went up to him to share the mic. Thanking Jun, he went to kiss him!

Gamba Osaka are,.

What's up with fandom lately?

  • 嵐の宿題くん ended on Monday (22/03) Received a total full detail report from kiyo-chan, watch it and Ohno's: 僕は。。。寝ません!As much as I feel pretty excited for the new variety show, I know it will never surpass shukudai-kun in my heart. OKAY, I CRIED T_T

Ya, next is my album arrived. It did since last year but i was either busy with RL or Christine busy with RL to get it from her. Pictures look pretty. Can't wait for next month for the DVD to come.

  • Utaban changed it's name from 'うたばん’ to 'The Music Hour'
  • Ohno is going on TSD. Weet~
  • Kimutaku new drama /shout b-but with Lin Chi-ling. Why?! o.o
  • Can't for the new Ueno X Eita new drama. Twitter-related. To all DBSK lover out there, Jaejoong is in it.

  • Lovely Kaibutsu-kun~
  • Lastly, I'm still RAWKING to the BEAT BEAT with Home Made Kazoku.

nakai ohno fight, again? palm reading and alot of questions with stingy nino.

I bet everyone loves a Ohno-nakai fight no matter whether they see it 10 or 20 times it's still that funny. Sometimes it's just too scripted, ain't it? Forget about this crappy thing, it's 1:13am already and my mind is in a mess and abit high from the Etoile Vs WW match. ETOILE WON :D But dear kazuki...

Utaban :D 2010.03.02 (Tuesday)

Our first Ohno - Nakai fight in less than 10 minutes :D
Ohno face, love it! You got to love it!
Sho and Nakai, 頭が悪い since they memorize their dance step the slowest. Like me :/ I re-watched troublemaker perf so many times and I can tell that it's really difficult.

Ishibashi-san was walking backwards when his leg hit legs of the chair and he fell.

Nakai gotten angry and I love his sentence.
なにジャニースに囲まれて。Look at you, surronded by Johnny's!

The second Ohno-nakai fight at 11mins. Nakai was talking to Aiba, Jun, Sho about how Sho always heard people saying that they often go drinking with Jun. On the other side, Nino was telling Ohno about small Nakai's feet is which is only 24.5cm. Ishibashi has to add oil into the fuel by saying that Ohno mentioned Nakai was also short too.
They are doing the Vertical Distance again and Nakai said it reminded him of the comedy duo "Fall in Love"
Ohno hair amaze me!

This quiz talks about "Would you break up with your girlfriend if she is cheating on you." I'm quite shocked that Sho is on the 'I won't break up with her' side since his such a family person. Sho's explanation was on how he would clarify the matter with the girlfriend first before deciding whether he wants to break up or not which is the same as Jun.
If it was me, I would be stading at the 'I won't break up with her' side. My explanation is the same as Nino and Ohno. We would blame ourself instead. The reason might be on us. Nakai said it was a very female way of thinking and Nino went "マジ" (Really?!) I'm a female :D

Ishibashi-san fierce answer.

I love this sentence.

Sho's typical keio-zero answer. On turning a simple question into a profound speech.
"When you think about how many dinners you can have in a life time, the number is actually quite small. Since I have no hobby, I decided to spend my money on the essential for living. Focusing on dinner as an essential requirement for living, we can't eat as much as we want in one lifetime. That's why I decided to invest my money there and that's why I always use all my effort to eat dinner. "
No wonder his an economic graduate.

Let's see. If you are working, how much money do you think you will bring out just in case?
Nakai: 30,000 = S$450
Ohno: 30,000 = S$450. (He folds 2 10,000 yen. When he uses finish he 10,000yen he will panic and once he look at his wallet, he will find 2 folded 10,000yen and be happy about it.)
Sho: 20,000 = S$300 (weekends)
Jun: 5,000 = S$75
Aiba: 10,000 = S$150

& for stingy Nino it's 40,000 yen = S$600.
He must have 10,000 into 1,000yen notes which is around S$15. This is because it increases the bulk on the wallet which give him more motivation.

My note: I was thinking, where would I spend my S$450 on. I go to a high class restaurant, minus S$100 then I go clubbing maybe another S$100. Then I cab to and fro S$50. I will be left with S$200. How expensive is Japan exactly that when Nakai bring less than S$450 he will panic. As a student I only panic when I bring less than S$30 which is only 2,000yen.


This guy has read over 20,000palms already. The latest is 'Tiger Woods' and he has lines that indicate his love affairs.WOOT!

All of Arashi has PREMIUM LINES! The popularity line and the Humor line. The picture above is where the humor line is at. Aiba has the most humor line in Arashi.

Sakurai Sho.
Sho has 2 head line in the middle of his palm which is very rare. It's called the Two-layered Head Line, signify that he has a brain double the size of a regular person. It's the greatest Head Line a person can have.
At the start of his emotion line, there are few tiny circles. This is called the See-through Line which only intellegent people with excellent problem-solving ability possess.
At the end of the emotion line it is divided into 2, this is called the Consideration Line. A sign that the person is very generous and considerate of other people feeling. Many famous talk show host has this line. There's a dark side to this line which is seen quite common amongst gay men like Haruna ai and Ikko. Nino has this line too.

Aiba Masaki.
Aiba has 3 semi-circle lines of his palm. This is called the Pervert Line. His at the level of Tenshin Kimura (Comedian who sings perverted poem). It's also called the Charming Line so he have a shining presence and good fashion sense.
Lines near the ring finger, they're called the Bizzaro Lines. Bit of airhead and live in a slightly different world from others. Kowaii na, a perverted airhead is the most problematic one.
A line between his head line and emotion line connecting the two is called The Fighting Line. It's a line that indicates now is the best time to work hard. Doing his best this year may give him another fantastic 10 years! (Arashi will have a fantastic 20 year anniversary! So, Aiba please work hard this year!)

Ninomiya Kazunari
Nino has the best Money line in the group. (This guy is flying already) The line that goes vertically down from the ring finger is called the Money Line. The longer this line, the stronger your luck is with money.
The line that runs vertically down the last finger is called the Wealth Line and Nino line stretches all the way down. Indicates his finance and assets and it's proves that he has saved up quite a bit.
The line in the middle is the Fate line.
These 3 lines form a triangle called the General line found on the palms of several billionaires. It's the strongest Money Line. Nino's a person blessed with money.

Matsumoto Jun
Jun has 2 Emotion Line. It just mean he has twice as much emotion and consideration for others. Indeed a man of character. He cares very much for his group member, juniors and family. People with this line will never betray others. So his always thinking about others.
There's a line poking out on the side, it's called the Never Apologize Line. Although he have a strong justice, even if his in the wrong, he will seldom apologize.

Ohno Satoshi
People have alot of wrinkles on their palm are said to have great sensitivity. Each line is spread out proportionately so it indicate that his tolerant of all character types. (ME!!)
His emotion line curves a little at the end. Typical indication of Love Postponement Line. His a person who put his work and hobbies before love. (Yada! I dont want this kind of guy)
In his Life line on the inside, there's a line potruding upwards. This is called the Upcoming Popularity Period Line. Line that alerts you the period in which you will be popular in your lifetime. It also signifies that you'll meet many wonderful people this year. If he procrastinate and miss this period, he may find himself in lonely solitude.

Near the end of the Head Line, he has a seperate line. It is called the Writer line of Literary Talent Line. People with strong grasp of literature have this line. His encouraged to publish a book or do some form of writing (OHNO ANOTHER BOOK!)

Nakai has more luck than others XD (HE DOES!)