Cosmetic mechanics.

I need sleep, I really do D: But I can't! I should just swallow sleeping pills down.


It's the pervetic msn conversation group picture minus Joey who was taking care of everything like a mother and Yogi shooting the pictures. I love this bunch of peope, I really do.

"You want your relationships to be grounde...d on accepting each other as you are. On supporting each other through the inevitable ups and downs. On challenging each other to become more, to grow, to flourish. Which one of these is the more difficult one for you, and how are you going to practice it in the next 24 hours?"

I don't know how. I'm on the verge of breaking just thinking how much importance these words are. I wanna say I'm not okay. I wanna say that I'm not strong. I wanna say I don't have the courage. Maybe this distance that both of us are seperated from is a test to see how much we can survive without us by each other's side. Once we know we pass the test, everything will be fine.


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