School, again.

I join my school magazine club. I think.

I hope I didn't surprise anyone. My main reason why I'm joining it because I just want to add to my portfolio. Bitchy, right? I don't even think I have the english standards to do journalism or anything with that. At least, naidu's classes are making me understand more about the professional way of speaking english. Who would have thought "Cosmetic mechanics" actually means "Punctuation". Not me.

Thanks god for long weekends. Really! I just need sleep now. Major sleep. But I have to finish TPSW, SBS and HMC project by next wednesday. Do you know how unfair it is for SBS to start late and we have to hand in our final project in 2 more weeks. & her's is the longest although we don't need to do presentation. TDMC is the earliest to start yet we have 1 more month to do finish our project D:

I'm trying not to procrastinate so much.


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