Joshima, Gussan, Nagase 10,000 YEN trip around Europe.

The European Continent : How far can they go with 10,000YEN (S$150)

The special battle ride takes place a thirteen hour plane ride away from Japan.
They began in Switzerland, a particulary historical place. The first destination is Zurich, Switzerland's economical capital and one of the most historical cities in the country.

Zurich is adjacent to many European countries. These countries are all connected by many forms of transport.

Using these form of transportation, TOKIO is only allowed to spend up to 10,000 YEN. They begin with 114 Swiss Francs. In each country they come to, they must exchange to the currency. They begin at 8:00 in the morning and end at 10:00 at night, giving them 14 hours total.
Who can get the farthest.


The train-inclined Joshima. Looks for a stop to stop at but doesn't understand the language. It's all gibberish to him.
He then decides on heading to France: Paris!

He then checks out the price for the train to Paris. The ticket cost him 136Francs which made it impossible for him to board the train. So he decide to aim for somewhere nearer to France and heads on to Basel which cost him 30 Francs.

OHGOD,Where did you get that from. That a huge ONIGIRI!!

In Basel, if you go west, you'll be in France; If you head east, you'll hit Germany. This is how Basel is situated.

The Rhein river flows right by the town. If you follow it a bit, as expected, the west bank in France. When the Rhein River ends, Joshima will enter into France

[The Rhein is bouncing us up and down like mad]

The boat then stop halfway. They can't go into France by boat but he can swim across the border from here. If you don't request permission in advance, he can't enter France through this route.

Inside Basel station is the portal between France and Switzerland. Travellers can easily pass from one country to the next.

The currency used in France is the euro. Joshima now has 48 euro which is 4,441 yen and in Singapore dollar is around 66.. The long awaited France is here. Joshima's goal is to find the place for delicious wine.

He was introduced to Colmar.

"I want to try drinking your wine"

"How many minutes will it take to walk?"
Colmar is located in Alsace region of eastern france, this place is famous for white wine.

Joshima is in this vineyard called "Ribeauville"

The french farmer is giving him try the grapes that they harvested this year and it was SOUR. Then he asked the guy whether he could try someone of his wine and the guy said "okay"

I can't stop laughing at this scene where Joshima tries to teach this guy how to sing one of Tokio most famous song "Ambitious Japan". Be ambitious, waga tomoya, bokensha yo~
Joshima's friend has driven his into the neighbouring town called Selestat

He impulsively rents a kayak which leave him with only 3,091 yen which is around S$58.

お父さん!Do you know how to kayak?! I will cry if you actually sink in France!

Coming out from the water, his clothes was totally wet! He comes across a guy taking care of his horse so he decided where is the nearest station.
Ebersheim Staion.

The guy was so nice to actually gave him a pair of clothes to change but it was too big for him.

Joshima at the station! "Limited Express?! Express?!"
For the sake of conserving money, he then take the local train. He decided to aim for the last city on the route, Strasbourg which cost him 5.8 euros that left him with 2,308 yen (S$34)

At Reding Station, he decided to take the bus but realized that the last bus left at 20:20, and the time now was 20:55. With no choice, he then used the last of his money to rent a roller blade.

Sadly, these things were co-operating. Having difficulties in roller bladings due to the road, he decided to take it out and then walk. He look fustrated :/

At 22:00, he came across a herd of cows.
He went a total of 189Kilometers with only 13 yen left.


Switzerland is a very enviromentally concerned country. Bike-shares can be found all over the place. Borrowing these bikes is natural. Gussan than decides to rent a bike to head over to the next town. He reaches Thalwil. Gussan wants to head on to Andermatt to see the Swiss Alps but it cost 3,010yen (S$45). He then decide to head somewhere closer on the same route Goeschenen and cost him 2,376yen (S$36) and left him with 7,624yen (S$114)

Gussan is heading south from here, looking for the moutains!

Gussan decided to ask for directions. "I want to head toward the Alps, but..." The old guy then replied that he was also heading that way too and told Gussan that he could give him a ride. So, the old guy gave him a ride to Andermatt.

The Alps are very near. A trip that usually takes an hour to reach the moutain is reduced to fifteen minutes by using this special 'car train' However, the entire ride is through a tunnel.
He reaches Oberwald which is only 4000M to the alps.

Gussan then rents a bike which would cost him 880Yen (S$13). After a bit of bargaining, the guy decided of 528Yen (S$8). From here, he heads to the start of Alps.

Matterhorn a height of 4448m. Once they pass this pass this moutain, they will be in Italy.

There's no cable car that heads to the border so Gussan had to ski down. He rents a snowboard for his voyage which cost him 440yen ($6) left him with 6656yen (S$100). The cablecar down cost 4576Yen (S$68) and his left with 2080yen ($31). He finally makes his way out of Switzerland!

Down Matterhorn will take him 3800m.

Heading for the town of Cervinia in Italy. KYA~ he look too good to not screencap more :P

Before he takes the cable car down, he is now at the border between Italy and Switzerland!

The cable car runs from the moutain down into Cervinia. I didn't screencap the river but you should go check it. The river water is melted from the Alps ice which makes it really cold so it feels refreshing when you drink it.

He asked a local where he could exchange currency so the local suggested a bar since the banks are all closed already.

Gussan is now already in the bus heading towards a town in Northern Italy called Chatillon. The bus trip cost 324yen ($5).

Gussan having to missed the last bus decided to signed up for rafting lesson which cost 716yen (S$10). He planned on riding the rapids. The river heads from the bottom of the Alps towards Milan.

Gussan reaches Verres station to find out that he miss the last train by a mere 3 minutes.

He then boards the taxi with only 775yen (S$11) Gussan heads south and how far would the taxi bring him? Gussan then plans on running towards the castle he saw with 2 minutes left.

At 22:00, he reaches Castello Verres. I googled it and it says that Castle verres is a fortified 14th century castle in the town of Challand-Saint-Anselme of the Aosta Valley region of north western Italy. It has been called one of the most impressive building from the Middle Ages in the area, and successive ownerships throughout the centuries gave the castle differing functions which led to its' notoriety and uniqueness.

He then reaches 198KM with 0yen left.


Nagase reaches Zurich lake with the help of a local. The furthest the boat could bring him was to Thalwil which is a 5-minutes distance. It cost 475yen (S$7)

He then heads towards Austria with a swiss town called Sargans as his next destination.

Nagase was thinking of waiting for the bus but it just left at 12:31. Instead of waiting for the next bus, he decided to walk.

Halfway walking, he notice the bus was delayed so it came late! So he decided to save money.

Crossing the border, he realize it wasn't Austria but Liechtenstein.
With a population of 30,000, Liechtenstein is appropriately the same size as Kanagawa Perfecture and it lies between Switzerland and Austria. It is a beautiful country that still remains much of it's historical charm.
Nagase then reaches the border office for a official stamp and cost him 176yen (S$2.5)

Nagase rents a bike but as a mistake he rented a kid's bike which cost him 704yen (S$10). What's more his bike is leading him uphill. NAGASE reaches AUSTRIA!

At Feldkirch Station, Nagase heads towards Boden lake aiming for Germany to see the water! It cost 1,728yen (S$26) which leaves him with 4,893yen (S$73). He lets a austria girl try the legendary ONIGIRI!

He then reaches the town of Bregenz. The opposite of the Boden Lake is Germany! He decides to rent a motorboat which cost him 675yen ($10).

Nagase then lands at Lindau marina nearby his destination of Boden. He reaches Lindau Station left with plenty of money and 1hour30minutes before the time limit he decided to take the train to Newhen and now left with 33yen (S$0.50).

At Munchen Station with little money left he couldn't take the bus. He then meets a guy riding a motorbike and offer to give him a lift.

At 22:00, Nagase reaches Welshofen with 247.5km and 33yen left.

ps. I tried to control the number of screencaps but it was useless :/ but no matter what, with this you can see who dares and who is train-inclined :P Nagase shocks me with his level of english standard. Sorry for it being so long :/




europe. architecture. i wanna goooooo. after i explored nippon!
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