I'm effing happy now.

Scored 9 out of 10 for TPSW presentation. That means, I'm done with 9% of my final results. If I would want to score 80-85 out of 100, now I only need to do well for the rest of 71-76%. It's easy to get 7-10% for the 'Research Literature' so I can rest my mind for TPSW at the moment.

The exam questions for TPSW, I am not too sure actually whether I'm going to touch on 'Summary' since it's a killer. The only advantage of doing summary is that, if you do not have enough time for writing out in a full passage, writing out in point forms can earn you 15 out of 20 marks. I'm still not confident though.

I'm going to do finish TPSW project by the weekend : D


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