Concert and more concert and damn it I need to go for one soon.


How awesome was it that I have 7 hours of karaoke with Charmaine and Tsuning at Cashbox on sunday (21/2) with nearly a full list of arashi songs. Purely awesome :D The total cost of the whole thing was only Fifteen dollars per person. We sang arashi medley from 2002 to 2007 but we are all still bummed that the room didn't let us sing the newest song like '5x10'. O'well, Silver we are waiting for your cold to be cured!

Singing old arashi songs was tempting me to watch Arashi cons. The moment I reach home, I went to load 'How its going 2003' con. This time I paid alot of notice to the arashi lyrics let for 身長さの恋人/shinchousa no koibito, they had a lyrics that goes like this "Mama said: Drink more milk and sleep early". It's a song about this guy that like a girl who is taller/same height as him.

I'm on my 4th con now (repeating 'Iza Now' and 'how its going') at 'Arashi around Asia Tokyo Dome 2007'. Starting to like Aiba's version of "Namida no Nagareboshi" their theme song for kiroii namdia. I love Sho's pink jacket in the encore (:

Aiba fans, never watch 'All or nothing' con if you don't want to cry watching Aiba talk about his lungs.

To me, this is prettier than 'Niji'


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