I realized another thing about myself.

Everytime when classes start at 3:30pm, I get my maid to wake me up at around 9plus then I will laze on bed till 10plus. Yes, I'm very lazy xD Will only get up when she say lunch is ready which I just drag my whole body to go down 3 floors. It can take me about 2-3mins. After lunch, I just sit at the dining table reading newspaper with the heat killing me which I don't make the effort to on the fan at all. I'm a Art student. I'm obliged to read the newspaper. After the whole reading the newspaper process is done, which 0% gets into my head, I head back to my room and just sit, stare at this laptop of mine and the next thing I do depends on my mood. Like for today, I re-read my Japanese textbooks. At 12, I go and bathe. For the next 1hour plus after my bath, I start blogging, facebook-ing and just staring.

I'm just amazed how nothing changes. I'm too lazy to make proper plans xD


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