requiem for a dream

I'm abit sick now. Thank god it's friday. Really, I do. Just have to lie in bed the whole day tommorow, drink gallons of water and I will be fine. I promised. ...Wait, I can't promise anything because I might have to do a project over the weekends. Life sux, right? How I just want to take things slowly, enjoy the scenery and adapt to the change once a while. How I wish I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed because walking would make me feel faint. That would just let me sleep the whole day, not touch anything and once a while have a bite. Would at least make me feel a tad bit better. Again, why am I complaining? Maybe procrastination runs in my blood. Term 1 officially ends next week, which I can't wait for the Arashian BBQ to celebrate Arashi's 10th Year Anniversary which falls on 3rd Novemeber. While Term 1 officially ends, I still have to start revising on my exams. Oh boy. Conclusion, my peace comes only during March.

By the way, just something random. I had a dream of you helping me choose wedding dresses.


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