The thought of Arashi having their debut in 紅白歌合戦 is making me cry. I have tears flowing down now. How much of me want Arashi to appear on it is more than you can think of. To make an appearance in 紅白歌合戦 is the highest honour an artiste in Japan can have. And to even know that Johnny is breaking their framework convention for this goofballs I'm so thankful for Johnny. Really, I am. It was Johnny to decline Arashi performance in 紅白歌合戦 at first. He even let Tokio stayed for 紅白歌合戦 which I'm so pleased now smiling like an idiot.

For Johnny countdown, if Arashi and Tokio will be on 紅白歌合戦. SMAP never got invited at Johnny countdown because it's a J-friend thingy so we can rule them out. Kanjani8 will be at Osaka having their concert. It will be left with V6, Kinki Kids, News, Kat-tun, Hey say Jump and NYC B.I.Shadow. Gosh, and my mind is telling me it will be another boring Johnny countdown if only Arashi can rush down (pulling tokio :P) to perform their 10th anniversary segment like how the previous batches did I will be satisfied.

Hey, I rather see Arashi on 紅白歌合戦 considering that most of my favorite singers will be there. Including Alan if she's confirm. I'll bet with Arashi rainbow vibes, they could bait those elderly people considering some of them have been in Mago Mago Arashi. I have a feeling some of the enka singers are Arashi fans.


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