Right before I go off to sleep (Such a comfort to be on my bed now), I want to post something about what happened for yesterday BBQ and today's Media Talk.

Class BBQ, although it was fun in the beginning, as night crawl, I change. I go pervetic when it's night time, according to Joey but this was different. Sitting right at the bench all alone (with my Sec schoolmate few benches away from me x_x) a tear fell. Karoline came to accompany me at the bench after that. I decided to show her the 'step & go' dance step I did earlier that day. After that, Inggrid came over to ask karoline to teach her how to dance 'Wonder Girl' song and it became a korean-pop song dance. I enjoyed it really much and I don't even like the K-Wave right now. We then helped Maniya with the packing and throwing away the rubbish. Surprisingly, it wasn't a big mess that we made. Karoline dear and I then went over to the sand to write stuff. We first wrote our Japanese name, chinese name, english name, her korean name, the boys name, their family name and a heart. Liz came over and did the same thing too under our instructions. We then started shouting the boys name. Karoline dear shouted "Saranghaeyo Yazzar", Liz shouted "Liz love Dom" and I shouted "Liting loves the baka". We went home around 11+ since Apple was scared she couldn't rush for the last train.

Today, everyone had to wake up early because there was a compulsory media talk we had to attend. It was really fun looking at the camera equipments and lighting. When the camera started rolling, I was a nervous wreck. It was onlhy the guest speaker voice I could hear. The guest was Steven Chia who hosted "Prime Time Morning" on Channel news asia. He was great, in advising us not to work as a journalist. Staring at his blood-shot eyes (this guy have to reach the studio by 4am every day) with my half-dead brain, I was glad I attended it.



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