Troublemaker + a new wallpaper + candycane + ohmiya kiss + sakuraiba

Troublemaker PV anyone?

Just for laugh but they spelled 'Ribbon' and 'Ribon'. I went to google it to see whether 'Ribon' was correct also but I couldn't find anything except that there's a manga called 'Ribon Original'.

Anybody wanna kill me?! Can't resist this. Jun look like he was trying to endure his laughter which Ohno just look cute.

Pretty, o so pretty. Donate Donate. Need stationery badly!


*faints again* Can you imagine this guy practices his furi (dance step) naked? I came across Yamapi like dancing naked in the bathroom with other JE boys. Je boys who have abs like to be naked.

This is Sho scene for the pv like where's his supposed to sit.

「だ」 guy. He reminds me of [Gackt]. With the hair and the face.

Pretty cutie.

Sho, why look so tired and bored?

*stares at Ohmiya*

Definetly my fav scene in this pv making. You guys should know why. Aww, Sakuraiba you make my day.

Jun famous Domyouji way of sitting.

I'm biased, it's pretty easy to notice.

C'mon angel make me smile, freestyle your life dearest.

This remind me of CSI. Like where Sho is found dead on the table of his house with no objects and no blood stains or whatever crap.

Nino's a bitch for wanting to push Ohno of the stage which his making his spin.

AGAIN! YES AGAIN! YES! I CHANGED MY WALLPAPER TO ARASHI IN KOKURITSU FOR 5X10 CONCERT. Pretty isn't it, pretty isn't it?! Well, it's a reminder that I still have to wait for only a month for me to receive my DVD! 5X10 dvd *screams* My $87 is gone too O well, it contains the concert of Aug 29 Dvd plus backstage footage (I LOVE) of 5 domes and the remaining 2 kokuritsu con date!!!!!!!

I need a job to support my spending


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