I'm done reading Murakami's Norwegian Wood. If not for Hong Kong International Airport, I wouldn't have bought this book at all. Neither would I have notice the huge difference in price in books sold overseas and books sold in Singapore. No wonder we don't like to read. Back to Norweigian wood, I watched finish the movie. I also heard the song sang by the beatles. Fully had myself get into the story.

In a world of uneasy friendships, casual sex, passion, loss and desire. If it was me where would I end up being? Stuck in the past and become like Naoko trying to communication with the outside world. Or Midori?

Hong Kong - a fun place to be. Eat, Walk and Sleep. That's what you do 24/7 when you are there. I definetly gain a lot of kg from the dim sum, duck, pork, mango desserts and alot of porridge. For 2 straight nights I had porridge which I wasn't complaining a single bit. Hong Kong porridge is nice. Just a little suggestion from what I hear, HK is never great to visit during the summer.

Macau - Mini little Italy. Only cleaner and cheaper. Venitian. After that was a little walk down from Ruins of St paul to all the shops along the way. Best to buy any edible souveniers from there. Don't forget about the Portugese Egg tart and witness a proposal like me xD

I guess this is pretty all.


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