44 and hello PH!

I'm on the plane right now writing this at 1811, 26 Nov 2010. The sky is getting dark from the view I see at the window. It's not even 7 yet I never seen the sky this dark before. Good bye Singapore and here begin my journey was what I felt when the plane took off. This is nerve-wrecking. The whole thing about travelling alone. I blame my motion sickness for everything I can't do right now. I can't fall asleep, I can't read my Jack Reacher cos my head is in pain. I really want to know what is going to happen at the Bikers Camp! 1 more hour before touch down. I love planes but I don't like sitting on them so often.

1920. 35 more minutes to go before the estimated touch down. Im hungry which means I feel kind of weak and this is not very good. Since I'm on a budget, I do not want to spend money buying food on the place that is overpriced. A bottle of water can cost you $2. This is called 敲诈.

2015. I'm waiting for Chie right now. I talked to the guy beside me for a short while before we touch down. Nothing much. That's all. Oh, about touch down!! The way the planes move make you feel like the toilet is a very important time in your life. I'm still hungry and I haven't eaten anything. The only store here in this terminal is a convenience store. O.o

0006, 27 Nov 2010. I'm at Mahati now waiting for the taxi with Chie. I'm getting really sleepy now but there's no taxi at all D: Unlike in Singapore when all the taxis just line up around this time at the taxi stand. Taxis here are abit different because they will ask where the passenger wants to go first before deciding to fetch or not. I got my prepaid card thanks to Chie too! So now, I have a philippine number!

. I woke up 20 minutes ago at 0730. The sun rises so early here. Usually at this sunshine, it's already 1000 in Singapore. & roosters really do wake you up. I'm waiting for Chie to come back with my toothbrush and then we go take a bath and then meet ingga xD at Mahati. How we got home last night? Chie's friend Ryan came to pick us up (((: & we went for a drive thru at Mac. The Mac's here are different from the one in Singapore. Over here, you can order a let's say Cheese Burger meal with Rice instead of Fries. They also sell spaghetti and coke float and what not. Even their fries smell different. We drove pass Green Belt, SM Mahati, Shangri-La and you have no ideas how many malls are there in PH. All of them are all connected to each other, it's Huge. Vivo City can't be compared.

0929. I'm in the shuttle bus that brings me to Shangri-La and Megamall. Chie and I left the house around 9. First, we took the tricycle (a motorbike with seats beside) and then the Jeep. Jeeps here are really colourful and you see so many designs.


The tricycles.

1105. I'm here at Ayala with INGGA!! My first train experience in PH. The trains are different from the one we have back in Singapore. There is a section just for women and elderly. Ayala is actually the place I was at last night with Chie and the taxis. It look really lively in the days cos there is just so many malls.


Their MRT card.



The taxi stand~

1229. I'm at greenbelt 3. The third mall of Greenbelt. I bet there's so much malls it's more than what we have at Orchard. I'm sitting near this park/garden. There's actually a church nearby in the middle of everywhere. When I walk pass it they were having a church service in it. We also went to Time zone to have our Purikura taken <3


Me & Ingga at Greenbelt 3.


Greenbelt 5.


1342. I'm back at the place where I met Ingga earlier in the day. The train station Shaw Blvd not the Shaw Cinema. It's a weekend yet it feels like the peak hour. Chie booked me a hotel for two nights near Mega Mall and Shangri-La plaza called Richmond hotel that cost only 3k/night. I was supposed to stay at Chie's house for another night but since she have a group study, she can't send me to meet Ingga and everyone!


The road from Shangri-La to my hotel.

1557. I just settled my stuff at the hotel, rest for a while and headed off for Mega Mall. This place is so crowded and huge it will really amaze you . I'm now at Goldilocks a fillipino restaurant waiting for Ingga to be done with the ordering of food. I also bought 2 caps at the departmental store cos they were selling it at 2 caps for only $6! Cheap isn't it!! The design is really cute and hip and nice. Ingga just came back with our food. She ordered 'Bopis" and "Lichon Paksiw" which both reminded me of Chinese food.


Bopis & Lichon Paksiw

0947, 28 Nov 2010. I just woke up 30mins ago and now watching 'Sumo's Ultimate Clash" on National Geographic Channel. This sumo wrestler "Hakuro" was on Arashi ni shiyagare before so I'm supporting him to win in the finals xD One of the sumo guys were reading TV GUIDE with Arashi on the cover :P
Now...so let me try to remember stuff from last night so I can jot it down here. After our late lunch, Ingga and I went off too the Ohno birthday event. I was really nervous and excited over there cos I didn't know 3/4 of the people over there. They had karaoke, games and lots more xD It was a great party! There was a lucky draw and I won myself a Aiba mini uchiwa from the latest concert xDDDDD Kimmy also perform a medley (Truth, Tokei, Monster and Everything) for us! <3 The party ended around 8+ or 9 which I can't remember :/  Thank you Leia, Sheila, Ofie, Julia, Ingga, Chie, Ann and Kimmy for the awesome wonderful time! I so want to meet you girls again! Now I'm just waiting for Julia to pick me up at the hotel so I can go meet the Gawaran Sister and Pot!


The awesome decorations and the fangirl.


My aiba mini uchiwa and their uchiwa.


Ingga & Julia~


Kimmy & Ann


Chie & kimmy, Ann.

1225. 29 Nov 2010. I'm on the plane back to Singapore. Yesterday, Julia met me at my hotel around 2 so we could go Mall Of Asia to meet up with Ingga, Pot, kukai and Tinai! (: We then took the bus which took around 15 to 30mins. Now I could say I took most of the transport in the PH already. Mall of Asia (MOA) is huge as in REALLY HUGE! & it's also right in front of the sea. When we reached, I had to go to the grocery stores to get some stuff for my mom. It was so crowded. The grocery store casheir queue is seperated into big carts and green basket so it is easier for them. After we finally met up with the gawaran sisters and pot, we then went to the Marina (a seafood restaurant) to eat. For the first time, i tried eating pork face which was served the teppanyaki way. It taste like normal minced pork meat actually except more crunchy. It seems like the whole body of a pig can be served and eaten deliciously. Due to the need of alcohol, we ordered tequila sunrise without tequila so it was only orange vodka. 1 funny incident that happen was when Ingga asked the waiter for a list of alcohol beverages, the waiter gave her antiseptic lotion 8D It was so funny Kukai couldn't stop laughing. HEHE xD After dinner, we walked around MOA to just look around. We talked about the food in Singapore and in PH. THe PH ver of dirty ice cream is actually our ice cream with bread. Those that they sell at Orchard Road. The only difference is that ours is more expensive. We were back at the supermarket after that and Ingga kindly bought food for Reki, Larry and me! I love her <3 I cab back to my hotel alone! (Y) Cheap cabs in PH is just cheap. Only a 30mins distance with an extra 50PHP charge, I spent only 200PHP which is less than S$10. Back at the hotel, watched Fairly Odd parents before I was off to sleep at 11pm!~ Unlike me XD I woke up at around 5 to prepare to go back to Singapore D: I wish I could stay a day longer but I couldn't :x I want to be back here with everyone! On the way to the airport, I had a really great fangirl talk with POT throughout the whole journey while Ingga was sleeping at the back. Its time to say Goodbye!!! I WILL SEE YOU NEXT TIME SOON 8D~




2115. I'm at home now with the internet like finally (: Uploading pictures and everything.

My experience in PH was just great and awesome with the people I love the most. I want to be back there ASAP!!


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I am very happy to know that you enjoyed your stay here and that you would love to come back because I was a really bad host/tour guide =))

And yes, most Filipino food are inspired with Chinese cuisine because there are a lot of them who lives here even before ;)

AND HEY! I was sleeping because I was not able to sleep early the night before. I just can't sleep, maybe because I took home lotsa energy from the Ohno bash :)

I hope to see you again SOON :)

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