41 kisses


Here is it! Something I have been wanting to do for ages ever since I knew they were going to do a Korean version of it!!! Here it goes~!

Playful Kiss - The korean remake ver.  A very lovely drama with a handsome actor and a pretty & cute actress. It wasn't as bad as expected and they didn't the change the story too drastically.

Itazura na kiss イタズラなKiss - The anime ver. Everyone in here is Just awesomely cute! Kotomi is just amazing. I'm so jealous over her having her dad's IQ and her mom's persistent.

It started with a kiss 恶作剧之吻 - The tawian ver and it is probably the only one that follows the manga although not that accurate. The house in season 2 was just HAHAHHA with their faces pasted on the outer wall for everyone to see and admire.

Baek Sung Jo - KHJ, I love you ever since the korean ver of HYD (Still refuse to call it boys over flower) when you acted as Rui. You are not the coldest or look the smartest but yet you are still the most likable xD

Irie Naoki 入江直樹- Hehe. You are such an イケメン. The one that look the smartest out of all the ver. I want to marry you so much and be your wife but that is impossible. I love you alot!!

Jiang Zhi ShU 江直树 - Hello! The coldest one out all 3. I love you when  I was watching this. I felt that you kinda potray Naoki in a very good and accurate way. And you love your wife alot and kissing her whenever it's possible.


Oh Ha Ni - You are so cute that I want to pinch your cheeks so much! You have the best imagination among all 3. Well too much twilight will result in you thinking that Sung Jo is a vampire.

Aihara Kotoko 相原琴子 - You! I want to be you! Because you get to marry Naoki plus you live in Japan plus you have nice clothes and I love your hair. You have the best life and the cutest daughter!

Yuan Xiang Qin 袁相琴 - I really respect Ariel Lin for potraying this character so well. It really amaze me at how much you can do. Xiang Qin ah Xiang Qin.  The clumsiest and dumbest out of all 3 but so wonderful.


Boon Jong Gu - Joon Gu. Ever since you cut your hair, I've been telling myself and the people around me that you be HOT if you want to and you did it on their wedding day. I selfishly wish that it's you who would be with Ha Ni but I know it's not possible so I try to make myself feel guilty by thinking that you will soon have a pretty caucasian wife.
Kinnousuke - 金ちゃん!!!! I adore you so much because you are from 大阪 and I love your 関西弁!!! I wish you look better even though that is what you should look like. The Jdrama guy look you. No I'm not joking.

Ah Jin 阿金 - You and Wang Dong Cheng makes no difference except that his more vain than you. Hottest Kin-chan out of all for every episode there is. Starting to ending. You look good in that red apron xD


Christine x3
- Thank you so much for existing and making キンちゃん life much better. I have no idea how to show my gratitude.  


Yoon He Ra - You began as his university friend than his matchmake partner. I hated you but on the other hand you have the best body and nicest leg so far in this show!

Matsumoto Yuko 松本裕子 - Mature, Hot and smart lady boss who have to suffer through all the pain of splitting blood out of your mouth but then how would you explain that you found out how much Sudou-senpai cared.

Pei zi Yu 裴子予
- The girl who like Zhi Shu the most and creid so hard when he rejected you. I guess Hao Qian Xue Zhang was better for you.


Sudou-senpai!!! - I do not know the name of the korean ver so Im combining both. 
The guy who loves Matsumoto-san the most, unconditionally. Continue selling cars until Irie decided to get a driving license.


Baek Eun Jo/ Irie Yuki 入江有紀 / Jiang Yu Shu 江裕树 - Do you hate your sister-in-law that much? Ahh I bet you don't after she saved you from something worse than appendix and without her might be drown already. You are just jealous aferall she stole your dearest brother and room away from you.




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