Not the best thing to do when you are sick.

I took 5hours to actually just do it on Words then transfer here cos there's just soooooooooo MUCH to write about! Anyway crazy night, so here it goes.


Carine came to watch the match with me so I went out with her at 6 at Jurong Point to eat dinner. Decided on Ajisen Ramen just because I had a crave for Ramen. Carine came with me to watch the match since it was their first match against Etoile (French team). Seems interesting. It’s interesting.

Expected Etoile to win in the first place but too our surprise, it was a draw of 0-0. The view from the opposite side looks just amazing because Mi Qi Lin, Nobu and Satoshi came up to us with our distance of only a few meter (I feel like a fangirl typing that. Oh yeah! Satoshi’s wife and daughter came) We also get to see Inui and Mi qi lin compete. OH OH OH OH interestinggg! After half time, it was drizzling and we walk over to the stadium side and since it was already the 70mins, we just decided to sit at the away side with a perfect view of KOTO.com. WE LOVE YOU! Matsu and Mken got sub in after the half-time. MICHI too and while we were cheering for Michi loudly, the guy behind say “Must be handsome!” Sorry Sir! We just love michi because he is AWESOME~ Matsu saw me while I was sitting the French side and he nod at me so I nod back :D My kokoro~~~♥

After I sent Carine to the MRT, I went accompany Eliza, Minty and Sarah to have dinner. at the Zi Ca store near the stadium and we crap a lot like how girls crap too much. Everyone was rushing their food. We reached City Hall around 10 plus and spent the whole time in the toilet while waiting for Asuka to call to tell us that they have to leave the house. You know what girls do in the toilet! Asuka called and we then headed off to DXO, Found out that DXO was not fully open and my mood went 30% down until we decided to change venue to ST James and asked them to meet us at Harbourfront Macdonald taxi stand. Few seconds later, they reached the taxi stand the first guy (more of hair) that caught my eyes was Nobu. His wearing a simple V-neck black shirt and my heart when ‘THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!’♥


At St James, the first room we went intoThe boilerand the first scene we saw were 2 guys stripping. My mind nearly froze. One was a muscle man, the other, a beer belly guy who is getting married soon. Yes, we seem to happen to bump into a bachelor party. They are in the middle of a game where you have to memorize the dance steps to a particular song. If they do it wrong, batsu games are unavoidable. The host has to bite their nipple. It’s fun to see it when you are still thinking the host is gay until he said “Don’t put on facebook, my wife will leave me!” I GASP :O I think I was the only one who was actually gasp-ing in the whole room. Audrey, Eliza, Inui and Nobu had tequila shots in bigger glasses tequilla pot. ‘The boiler’ wasn’t as exciting and the guys were playing the drinking game. Nobu was such a lovable geek for wanting to try Minty frames. Mood wasn’t there.


After that around 1, we shifted to the other room in St James called Movida’ where all the Latin classics play. This is the place where we got really HIGH! ‘Movida’ was so much better and I really like the crowd there. It was just perfect. Everyone was doing the salsa and Asuka as usual was playing around with the dance moves that he even got invited to sing on stage. He was probably one of the lead in there because of him being such a nonsense. Inui asked us how to pronounce “Attheend’ which we didn’t know what the hell this is this word because Eliza and I had question ?? marks on our head when it struck us “AT THE END!!!” He pronounced it as "Atzeeendo: Club at Movida’ till 3 which was their closure time.. Minty said I wasn’t open enough, ya maybe I wasn’t. Next time, I guess.

We then when to sit at the resting place at Movida internal entrance thinking where to go next and Nobu keep on saying ‘Hotel! Hotel 81!’ Asuka mention ‘余韻’ which means to slack around and enjoy the atmosphere now. Inui said he wanted to go the beach so we all headed to Sentosa with AsukaXSarah, HirotoXAudrey couple. Outside the club, the guys were gathering at the spot and when I looked to saw, I realized it was actually Bogdan, Albirex’s manager. Immediately told Eliza but before I could continue she ran off and I chased after her to tell her Bogdan saw us already. The fun part was when Inui told us to gather in a circle (like the one Jun always do before a concert) so that we could do some sort of cheer. Didn’t know what Inui was saying, his so AIBA! I asked Nobu do the Yutti gag cos I was just curios how it would feel on him and my conclusion was ‘Ehhh. No difference!” Inui and nobu just kept on doing the gag while we were waiting enternity to come. Inui then did something that I wasn't expecting. He took this long, thin object (IDK what it was) and pointed to his wiener and said "Chichai koto kinishinai. Wakachiko Wakachiko." I'm just concluding that his saying his wiener is small.

We then took a cab down to Siloso Beach at Sentosa. Shared Cab with Inui, Nobu and Minty. Minty and I were super pissed off at the uncle and both Inui and Nobu. The old Uncle didn’t know where Siloso beach is so keep going on and on and I have to give him directions while he was driving. Eliza called a few times and when she asked to pass the phone to the Uncle he said “我不知道!’ In the end we managed to find our way thanks to the kind passerby at the Siloso Beach Resort. Felt abit pissed off at Inui and Nobu cos they keep on babbling random stuff which I didn’t catch most of it. I was thinking that the taxi driver must be wondering whether Inui and Nobu are drunk and I seriously thought we were going to get kick off. KITA!~The question came when Nobu asked who we support in Albirex. I immediately replied Shota cos it was pretty obvious. They were is disbelief and Nobu keep on saying “Matsu?” and asked why I like it and they said “顔でかい?’ (Huge face) I won’t blame them cos even Matsu say his face is huge. Finally reached Siloso beach and it cost us $10.80.

Got down of the taxi and the first thing Inui wanted to do was go to the toilet. But because he was too urgent, he told us to go first so that he can pee in the bushes. I told him no need cos the toilet was straight in front only. On the way, he keep on complaining “どこ?どこ?!” and I keep on saying “ちょっと!’ until I saw the toilet and went “あそこ!’

We then sat outside the toilet (There’s this pond just between the girls and boys toilet where you can sit on the surrounding bricks) to slack around. Chatted a lot which 80% didn’t get into my mind cos I needed something to munch on. Grab the tidbits Asuka bought from the vending machine. Anyway, Nobu was so cute cos he was lying down and sleeping then Asuka had to go disturb him by stuffing his mouth with prawn crackers. Inui mentioned that since I was the youngest in the group, I had to do a gag so I just did Yutti and Antoni Inoki and Nobu and Inui corrected me by teaching me how to say it correctly. Told Eliza that if we continue to go out frequently, I need to do a new gag everytime we meet. This is the only time I need Wada here! (His younger than me by 3 months) Inui said I was a Johnny otaku with the uchiwa that say “Sho-kun” which I did correct it by saying “Sho-chan’. Minty and I told him that we were not Johnny Otaku (Uncle Johnny what have you done to me ><) I have to mention this too. Inui know I like Sho-chan and he went ‘News ZERO↑” which was super cute.Nobu and Asuka also went to popped into the girls toilet but seems no living object was there except us, a rat and few lizards. It's fine XD Siloso beach waste so much electricity and money by playing songs in the toilet at almost full blast when no one is there to listen to.

Siloso beach at night is just wonderful. It’s really hard to explain. Peaceful, quiet, windy and best with friends. Found beach seats and all of us gathered there. We shifted from topic to topic but I guess it stayed around the main topic of “Sex’ because 1) Nobu is deprived of sex 2) They keep on mentioning Asuka is ‘Geylang Boy’ 3) They are guys. It's weird learning from them how to say 'Public fuck' in Japanese. Inui said that in Japan you could see the Orion easily cos Japan is obviously not as cloudy as Singapore and he gave Nobu and Asuka a task by singing songs which have the word 流れ星’ in it. Inui started first and I definitely heard wrongly when he said “嵐の涙の流れ星” and my full attention went to him in the end he sang a different song. Eliza then complained she was super hungry so I told her to go ask Nobu to go to the beach to fish up something since that is what he like to do. Inui keep on saying sorry to Audrey when they didn’t invite Koba and said something about Koba being hentai. So I asked Inui “翔太は?” to which he reply ‘Hentai’ and Nobu asked again why do I like shota and I answer “さ~分からない” (I understand how Ga-jie feels about Kazu!) and Ga-jie then told Nobu although my ichiban is Shota, Nobu is my ni-ban so I just mentioned that my san-ban is Takaya Sugasawa and they said he was fashionable. OPPA is fashionable and his chiba-jin~~ Audrey told Inui that I like Shota since last year XD Inui was such a noise pollution when Eliza didn’t share the same beach seat as him after that cos she went over to share with Audrey. He then started singing Southern All Stars and I told him “いぬい大好きの曲はDirty Old Man!” and he said NOOO!!! He sang his favorite Southern All Stars which my attention fell off him and I took a minute to reply to his “Do you know this song?” (he repeated twice) with a “huh? Oh I don’t know!” I then went over to share the beach seat with Audrey cos Eliza went to the toilet(?) after giving a nobu a message which he commented by going “いたい!” Audrey asked me whether Hiroto was sleeping so she went to check on him and he was so cute all curled up on the beach seat and sleeping. Had a long chat with Asuka, Audrey and Minty for 30mins. Asuka wasn’t his usual high tension self except for Love Revolution (Will come to that later) We were on the baito topic and Asuka asked how much Minty earned an hour which she replied to which he said やすい! It was hard to explain to Asuka about how developed countries like Japan has a salary limit so I just said ‘Singapore and Japan is different’ Asuka also asked whether we went to Universal Studio Singapore because he wanted to go. He told us about his graduation trip experience to Disneyland. Disneyland is in Chiba which is far from his hometown, Hyogo. He said that his best friends and him, 5 people reach Disneyland at 7am in the morning and waited 2hours for it to open at 9am. They only managed to play till 12pm cos it started raining heavily. The only memory of his graduation trip was at the hotel. Such a poor boy. Asuka also encouraged us to come to Japan especially his hometown Hyogo and we said Hyogo got yakuza and Asuka is a yakuza. Scary. We asked him what is popular is Hyogo and he said Kobe beef which he told us that Kobe and Hyogo are from the same. OOOOH. ☺ Minty wanted to message her friend at around 6plus and Asuka keep on disturbing her by saying “Boyfriend?” and when Asuka looked at Minty handphone and he exclaimed by saying it was でかい compared to his handphone and even realized it was like a keyboard. He then went to on the music on Minty’s handphone and switched it on to “Love Revolution’ and his tension went up again. He also sang “Love Forever’ and asked Minty whether she knew the lyrics of the song so they can sing it as a duet in karaoke. He got a shocked from Minty's pikachu alarm. Minty heard birds chirping while we were chatting and told me that my friend is here and told Asuka that I have a fear of birds. Asuka was in disbelief when he knew I had a fear of birds and was cute to actually flap his ‘wings’ and keep on going “本当!” There was a sudden bolt of lightning and Nobu and Inui said it was best to go home. Nobu said countless of time that he was going home but it’s either he was going to the toilet or go and climb the coconut tree. My mouth was open when I realized he was actually climbing the coconut tree but couldn’t make it halfway at all. Minty said she wanted to take a few self-shots but her flash was so bright Inui thought there was another bolt of lighting. It was super funny when he said “雷死ぬ” and I didn’t wanted to tell him it was just Minty’s camera flash so I just warned Minty about her flash being too bright.

At around 6plus near 7, we walked to the beach station to take a cab home. Audrey noticed that Inui jeans were low to show off his Calvin Klein black boxers (OHNO! Hahaha! 地味!) But instead of pulling it up he went to lower it down and stuck his white shirt into his boxers. Asuka heard birds chirping and keep on calling my name to tell me TORI but I was so tired to ignored him. Asuka was so amused by Sentosa and wants to come here again. We then book 3 cab to head home. While waiting for the cabs, the boys got hungry and went to buy food from 7-eleven. Asuka came out with a can of soya bean and Minty just commented that soya beans are for kids and it meant to be a joke. But It seem that nobody understand the joke so she just ended of with "I'm a kid for drinking soya bean!" Inui bought sandwich and he find it strange that why must cheese, tomato and lettuce be put in a sandwich because they don't go well. I thought he hated cheese at first maybe because he couldn't take milk, like me. It wasn't the case. He say they just don't go well. Then nobu bought ichigo milk and Ohno said that strawberry doesn't go well with milk. IInui and Nobu was like "WHAT?! They go perfectly well." But it's like saying cheese, tomato and lettuce don't go well." Get it? (confusing, huh.) Anyway Inui was so nice to say that he will treat us to the taxi ride but on the way I remembered “Wasn’t it nobu that paid for the $10 instead of Inui?”

Had macdonald for breakfast with Minty and started crapping a lot then accompanied her to the polyclinic to get a MC although half of the time, I was sleeping.

Came back, fell asleep and dream of Nobu wanting to sleep beside me, Mken with no money in which Eliza commented “Mken is funny without money” and Yocchi jumping over the traffic light and Matsu saying ‘kanpai’ to me. My imagination is messed up.


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