36 and a new love.

Day 7 - Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush

I had a hard time thinking of what to write. Not that I have alot of ex-boyfriends or whatever. But it just that I have no idea on what to say to them. My mind turn blanks everytime the word "ex" appears. There's good memories, bad memories and both I don't want to remember. History is history, past is past so let bygones be bygones.

And since they didn't restrict to what kind of crush I can write, hehehe.

Let me introudce to you my internet crush a.k.a My internet boyfriend


Ahhhhh his such a pretty piece of human artwork that you want to minimize it and just put into your pocket. Only enlarge him when you want to make people jealous.

Narimiya narimiya, such sexy lips you own. Such pretty eyes you have.

Sad that you are a BI and not fully straight. I prob get high after seeing you kiss another guy. I'm this strange aren't I.

But I still love you my internet crush and Mr Boyfriend.


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