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I want to go on date.
I want to get kiss.
I want to live happily.

The brain has been operating alot recently. HAPPY OT BRAIN NERVE!~ My thoughts run round and round. How long has it been since I went on date I really enjoyed? It seem that time has taken away all these. Yet for a reason, I felt a sense of happiness flowing along my blood. Maybe it's because I given to charity, maybe it's because I live another day filled with enjoyment.


Hearing '5x10' now make my heart hurt. It's been 3 years. 3 years since everything started. 3 years since I ended a chapter and opened a new one.

I'm probably a mess on how I feel about them right now. Excitment just like how I first started? Sadness just like my second year? Or relaxed just like how I feel when I knew how far they came. Not caring with the feeling I have now, I'm happy things are like this now actually.

I like it when they make me feel all young and hyped up. I like it when they cheer me up even on the worst day of my life. I like it when it's just them.

Dear Arashi;

I'm glad I found you.

Despite everything, it's you I find comfort in.


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