Bye 2009, Hello 2010

This is going to be a long post. So, don't say I didn't warn you.


With the group during NatsuMatsuri.

No.3 Matsuoka Shota



First Row: Me, Minty, Shinya, Joc
Second Row: Audrey, Yixian, Yihui, Yijun
ALBIREX Fan games!

Joc, Becky, Yijun, Me (Clockwise) - During Park's Departure.

Me, Yijun, Minty, Suewen (from left to right) - Jalan Besar Last match

Me, Ohno-drey, kuris, nancy, Eliza (from left to right) - ALBIREX departure

Ohno-drey, me, eliza (From left to right)

Audrey, Joc, Yijun, Suewen, Becky, Yixian, Yihui - I am really glad I was able to meet you all and to be able to watch Albirex with you guys. Thank you!
Kuris, Nancy - I knew you all through Eliza and although it was a short period since then but I'm glad. I love Kuris accent mimicking. Nancy, let's meet up when I am at queenstown and when you're free!
Eliza, Ohno-drey - Babes, i love you :D Thank you Eliza, for always letting me nua at your house and stayover. Lucky is a good boy who just sometimes get abit violent with his wagging tail. Ohno-drey, I love fangirling with you over arashi. And I love to hear stories about your Japan trip! So tell me more soon!

Shirley, Me, Singyee, Silver, Faeez, Mawadake-san, maya, Charmaine (from left to right)
Project YAMAXKAZE - Esplanade, Rooftop Garden

Alicia - I'm honoured to be the first Arashi fan you met! And I hope I didn't make a bad impression of myself!! Let's go out soon again and flail over Arashi plus Sho.
Carine - One of the arashi fan I'm really happy to know. Carine is like my sister. I like going out with her, talking about things with her. I'm meeting her later too^^~
Christine - The band member plus schoolmate, that took me a few years to found out you are an arashi fan. The first maou-baited girl I knew. She loves buying shop photos and everytime I see it (esp Arashi), I go gaga over it.
Gawaran sisters - The 3 pretty ladies from Phillipines. They are such a dear and sweetie. I love skyp-ing with them. Ingga, we love tokio and I love you! Kukai, cookie (like how larry calls), I wanna hear you sing one day! I love you! Tinai, the youngest gawaran sister. Although we haven't talk much, I love you. Let's do it one day!! Remember our promise next year! Ingga get your driving license!
Eve - THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! From the bbq to the eco bag and to the uchiwa!! Thank you being kind and generous.
Jonna - Nee-chan! The girl who loves London and is taking up tons of class. I miss her so much since I always can't catch her on facebook and she doesn't sign into MSN. Jonna we need to talk REAL soon!!
Larry - SMILE from the camera, one day! You will look good. The singaporean fanboy who is into korean now. My outing partner from SPCA to the ZOO :D
Lyn - She's like my big sister. I'm gonna meet her later! The one who introduced MDIS to me, the school in which I'm studying now. One day, you will be able to meet Ohno!!
Nene- My little twin sister. My phone partner in the middle of the night and once we talk, it's for a few hours before one of us gets sleepy and put down the phone. Stop running away from me everytime when I say I want to meet you when I go Malaysia!
Sachi - HMM..is she hentai? Sachi is one of the sweetest person who I have met in the arashi fandom. I love your gift. You are the one who would listen to all my flailing, my rumble, my sore throat, my flu and everything about arashi. I love skyp-ing with you! I cant wait to meet you next year!
Sara - My lovely, so lovely sister! I'm really worried for your health, so dearest take care kay? Sara, I could tell her almost everything and she would listen to what I would say. Sara would give me the best advice and she makes me feel really peaceful. If I have the money to fly to Florida to find you, I bet I will!! Be a good maths teacher!
Sihan - GOD!! I finally met you after months of talking on MSN! We will have a great time next year once your o'lvls are over and you have time to party!
Silver - You are really sweet. And I really love your suggestions and ideas you have given to yamaxkaze.

DMCD2 0949A

Me, Liz, Divya (from left to right) - LIANG COURT

Me & Jiyoung - MDIS, Radio Studio

Neko & Me - MDIS, Reception Area

Yogi, Farhan, Me, Joey, Inggrid, Di, Farah, Ferlicia, Timothy, Jason (From left to right)
Apple & Liz - My 2 cute Vietnamese friend! After meeting them, I realized Vietnamese people are really funny. Apple & Liz are like the joy to my boring school life. They bring the most laughter. Yes, liz one day I will buy book from Vietnam cos you have been stressing to me that it's cheap.
Divya - Thank you divya for all the food and food we've been eating together. Divya is my eating partner. I love your grandpa too! My cam-whore partner, I have so many pictures of us together!
Jiyoung - My Korean friend. I love holding her hand cos it's really warm!
Neko - AKANISHI JIN! IKUTA TOMA!!! The first Je-fan i met in DMCD20949A. Do well in your studies and I felt really proud of you for the previous Exams.
THE MSN GANG - You know who you are!! The words that will be shown here is just too exotic sometimes. No more ass, no more (:


JASON - Canadian boy!!! My nicknames are all from him!!! No way I'm gonna speak when we webcam again cos I hate my accent!
NOORA - The europe lady. I haven't talk to you recently. So, I miss you!
Sheng An - The first taiwanese friend I havee. Architecture students are really busy DDD: I love the sunset from your view. It's pretty, very.
Teru-san - HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCEEEE!! Do well for your stage play and you are my inspiration.

Real Life Friends

Natalie, Shirin - BUS 15 from Parkway Parade


Me & Zemin - Somerset 101

Natalie - YOU ARE IN PENANG NOW! Coming back tommorow! The friend I knew since we were in elementary school. We graduated together, got into secondary school and then graduated together. Although now we are in different tertiary, we still love each other alot. Do well for school, and i hope you can fufil your dreams.
Shirin - Take one step at a time! Take a deep breath. I love you in so many ways and I'm glad we are friends. I hope you and kenny will last long!!
Minty - From one arashi fan we met in the cyberworld, we became good friends that can 'nua' together already. And I'm glad. You are one of those few arashi friends I can actually bring in to real life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE! Thank you for watching albirex with me also! Sorry for causing so much trouble in Albirex too. Hope in the next our friendship can grow more!
Zemin - From the "Do you know Arashi" question, I brought you into this fandom. We will meet soon inside the mrt on our way home! Grab some spare time for me, so i can go with you and flail with you!



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