22 when he debut

I was watching [Tetsuwan Dash] the whole afternoon yesterday because my dad didn't want me to go with him to the hospital. While Christine was preparing for today's karaoke, I was laughing alot with the dog special and Joshima nakedness and the lots of info I get from watching too much Tokio.

20090118 - DASH SP.avi_000094800

20090118 - DASH SP.avi_000340866

20090118 - DASH SP.avi_004719400

20090118 - DASH SP.avi_004720866

20090118 - DASH SP.avi_004721600

20090118 - DASH SP.avi_005399033

20090118 - DASH SP.avi_005401433

Things I learnt from Tokio.
1) Leader love to drink Bourbon
2) Leader is sports baka like Sho.
3) Leader loves soccer over baseball.
4) Gussan is leader's life-saver.
5) Gussan is scared of height.
6) Taichi feels awkward around Leader
7) Mabo is Do-M because in Joshima's song it wrote [Mabo's M is DoM the M]

Johnny Sports Event 2003 - Backstage (After).avi_001700325

Johnny Sports Event 2003 - Backstage (After).avi_002446446

& compared to Tokio, Arashi is really weak is doing back weights. The difference between 188KG (TOkio's highest) and 130KG (Arashi's highest).


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