021 and abit late.

Tsk, tsk tsk. 久しぶりな。。。ブログ。ただいま~

Anyway life for me, it's been a great rollercoaster ride. Days after my birthday wasn't really pleasant majority of the time expect those I spent with people I loved. I kind of figured out that I pushed myself too much to pursue a me that doesn't exist, a me that I may never achieve without sheer work and determination.

The week after my birthday, my lovely Albirex fangirls celebrated my birthday at NJMJ. Lovely place, amazing venue. Fish flakes are awesome by nature but amazingly drop dead gorgeous when toasted on hot plate xD Seriously, no joke~


After that, work has been surrounding me and before my money started depleting drastically, I found Janijanifan.net. Not a good idea (N) Really not a good idea. I spend a total of nearly $70 over there due to the fact that I grabbed 2 J-friends t-shirt that were up for a grab, a must grab. I ordered one for Christine too. (Both of us are going to wear it for Karaoke on Tuesday which we promised!) That;s why it started that I have to endure learing how to save money and spend money like water at the same time.

The pamphlet from Arashi first ever concert. It's abit shiny due to the material and you can kind of blame the quality of the camera. Anyway, if your eyesight is perfect enough to not strain it while looking, the kanji is quite nice. Isn't it. & being an Aiba sucker, I have to do it!

The front of J-friends 2001-2002 Countdown t-shirt in Tokyo Dome.

The back of it that writes "J-friends coutndown '02 Tokyo Dome."

This is the back of the last J-friends countdown concert t-shirt before they disbanded. This countdown concert was seriously the one and only best countdown concert in JE HISTORY EVER and I'm serious about it. And me getting this is something that I really appreciate and would treasure. The front of t-shirt is all their faces with (in order) Gussan, Kenken, Sakamoto, Mabo, Taichi, Nagase, Junichi, Nagano, Tsuyoshi, Inohara, Morita Go, Koichi and lastly my daddy Joushima.

Albirex fangirls at Jalan Besar (Albirex vs Young Lions) Score: 1:1. Surprisingly, it was well..I love Yocchi <3

My last solo picture with Audrey before she leaves for Sapporo the following day. Audrey is now in Sapporo enjoying the 25dc weather.

This was us at the airport yesterday before she checks-in. Sasuaga Audrey, have a nice time in Sapporo and you know we miss you! Kimi! Anata! YOU!

So this was life after my last post.  BY THE WAY, CAN YOU BELIEVE I'M MEETING ANN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2 YEARS BECAUSE SHE IS COMING TO SINGAPORE THIS WEEKEND! I'm tired, i get tired early now a days.


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