018 and out of the country!

Left for Genting at around 11pm. Watched ‘私と犬の10の約束’ on the way but got distracted with Mom watching ‘72家客’ (72 tenants) and saw tons of familiar faces DDD: O’well I’ll watch it one day in Cantonese! It’s 5:26am on a Thursday morning and I’m waiting for 6:30am for breakfast. 腹減った!! I smell my Sausage McMuffin but I can’t taste it T_T & why is there no wireless in the hotel?!

7:30am and egg tarts are definitely 100% the best food to munch for breakfast.

While waiting for lunch at 12, I started reading Meg’s Cabot ‘All American Girl’ and fell
asleep halfway due to the lack of sleep last night. Woke up when the cleaning lady came.

Lunch was buffet and I think I ate the most considering that I took 8 scoops of ice-cream and 5 maguro sushi! Maguro is the best sushi on earth followed by Inari!!

2pm, I’m at starbucks using the internet which is pure awesome, TOFU AWESOME. Adding that my caramel macchiato is here with me. :Dv Stayed at Starbucks till 5pm watching behind the scenes of 『最後の約束』 and wanted to laugh out loudly due to Ohno randomness but couldn’t since people will look at me weirdly. I mean really weirdly.

Went walking around Genting to shop for stuff and I went inside the video shop to see what was in there until I came across the Japanese/Korean album section to see 5x5 lying down there. I was really confused and puzzled on whether I should buy it. I still had money with me, but I want… Anyway, so I went to ask mom on whether I could spend all my money and she said yes~ xD I’m going to get it tomorrow! OH YEAH!!! Which means I will complete my 1st, 5th and 10th year anniversary album!~ :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Fogs really strong despite Genting not being cold at all. Wanted to check the city lights of KL but sadly it was covered by the thickness of the fog. Talking about the coldness, here I am writing this at 12am on a Friday morning, at starbucks with just a shirt and no jacket with the window open right beside me. I could only feel the wind blowing but not a single air of coldness hit me. Even my cousin who’s sitting right in front of me is drinking a ice cold cup of chocolate or coffee drink. Wonder why did I bring a jacket and add it to the heaviness of my luggage.

Woke up at 8am on a Friday by the noise in the bed room. Apparently, only my cousin and me were the only one sleeping O-O After that had breakfast at the usual place with egg tarts again. Not complaining cos their egg tart is just /asdfghjkl god damn fabulous. Went shopping at First world again, not really considered shopping since I finally bought the album for such a reasonable price!


The best birthday present I could give myself!~

After shopping, went for lunch and went back to Singapore. Reached Singapore around 10 and reached home around 11pm. Complained to mom why must my aunt rush for getting a taxi when I should be the one rushing since I am the only one that need to work the next day.

I can’t believe I feel so packed now D:

Updates for Arashi (Dozens of them :Dv)
1) Nino is in an accident, the same ward Jun had one.
2) Johnny banned Arashi from driving until the end of the year.
3) “To be free’ to be released on July 7th
4) Ohno has his own single again on the same day as ‘To be free.’ 怪物くん insert song ユカイツーカイ怪物くん
5) Arashi has a new album to be released on August 6th!
6) CD japan got crashed thanks to Arashi fans of the 5th of June!
7) Concert dates announced /glee but sadly no AAA. Well, 4 days in Kokuritsu! They just broke another record didn’t they.

One from SMAP: THEY CANCELLED THEIR SHANGHAI EXPO CONCERT!!!!!!! NOO DDDDDDD: Luckily I didn’t book my tickets to Shanghai despite me wanting to go so much!


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