Weird 016

Emotions flowing in, stress seems to pile up. The little signs of depression. Losing the rationality to think straight, just take 6 seconds for that pea brain to calm down. 6 seconds, the brain just need 6 seconds to make your blood boil, to make your heart wrench.


...If that 6 seconds could make the brain instruct your whole body system to calm down, what will 6 mins do?

Sulking always take a negative big impact on one's life. Thinking negative can only invite stress and with stress piling like nobody's business and it falls with the help of gravity, the consequence will really make one feel like real life just hit you hard on the back, slapping you on the face and what else.

The life of a healthy person always stay postivie no matter what.

Laughing is always the best solution. It's Happy Rainbow pills you are talking about afterall. It's good for your health too!

Did you know...
Laughing loudly once is equal to doing 25 situps
& laughing your head off for 15s is equal to running 100m.

How amazing can that be?

So erm..stay postive and healthy.


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