Since this must be done somewhere, I hope blogger don't depreived me on fangirling.

  • 6pm. Kato Seishiro did the opening. Nakai and Nakama Yukie came out in traditional Japanese constume.
  • The opening of Kouhaku. The stage was just so amazing. Arashi walks in front of SMAP, then stands beside SMAP and a few enka singer.
  • Arashi wear black with alot of decorations jewellery.
  • Ayumi Hamasaki was the first performer. She did "RULE' which I thought was kind of boring.
  • Exile, AKB48,NYC were next. It was then just flooded with people and more people and so many people. It was a sea full of people.
  • They then did a kids special and Ryo-san A.K.A Shingo was there judging. First up was Kato seishiro, then some kid enka singer, then Snow Prince (!!!). Last is the Ponyo girl.
  • Arashi come out!! (someone drops her chicken wing just to catch Arashi.) They were introducing Alice. Ohno look more tanned then usual.
  • Kimutaku lead Susan Boyle out to sing. They also did a mini history of her. (Paul pott was on Fuji TV.) Kimutaku started asking her a question in English but she went to ask the translator what he said. She sang "I dreamt a dream". We kind of thought she did more touching for the auditions of Britain Got Talent.
  • Uta no Chikara. Everyone came out during this part. Arashi wear silver with Aiba's costume looking like Masamune's uniform. Nakai and Yukie were reading some touching script. So everyone was with a depressed face. They then started singing this song with SMAP doing the beginning. Arashi also sang solo with only showcasing Ohno's voice.The rest of the members voice could be heard but since Ohno was holding the mic, his voice was more obvious.
  • Performer no.27 is Tokio. They were wearing bright red since the starting. Mabo's hair did suit the costume. Gussan's hair was amazing. Joshima look he cut his hair shorter. Taichi is never changing. Nagase looks manly. They sang their only single of the year.
  • Arashi also helped to do the introduction for Tokio. Sho held up T. Nino was O. Jun was K. Aiba was I. Ohno was O. (I sense ohmiya.) They had to say something which they wrote behind the board. Ohno said something funny which caused the crowd to laugh. Nakai also ask them about their relationship with Tokio. Aiba said they were really kind seniors (優しいの先輩)
  • The traditional part was when Nakai held this board in which was Joshima picture. & Joshima started saying about something being 40 next year.
  • Right after perfume was Tohoshinki. I can't remember whether they wearing black or white. They sang 'Stand by U' which was quite expected since that's the only song they sang throughout the whole year-end events.
  • I can't remember which part it was bhut there was this scene that all 5 came out. They all had to say gratitude message regarding 2009. How much they have grown. It was kind of touching but they were going so fast I couldn't catch what they said.
  • SMAP did the MJ medley..It was all dancing. First came Kimutaku *nosebleed*, Shingo and Tsuyoshi dance beside each other, Kimutaku & Goro, Nakai comes out to dance. After they did, they started saying some speech in tribute to MJ. Then they waited for everyone to come to sing "Heal the world" together.
  • Fukuyama Masaharu sang 'Hatsu Koi'. He wasn't in the hall singing but did a live telecast at his hometown. It was really pretty with the snow.
  • After the Koda sister, it was ARASHI! They first did a history of the guys. The guys came out in Dark Pink which was near to the color Purple. They sang a short ver. of 'A.Ra.Shi', then did 'love so sweet' with a lot of close-up on Jun. They then did 'happiness' spreading themselves. After happiness, they gathered at a spot in which they all walk up this flag of stairs at the stage. Soon, the whole stage was filled with dry ice. Once the dry ice was gone, Arashi appeared in White singing 'Beleive' I was quite glad that Jun & Nino part didn't sound that high pitch. During the interview, they started talking on how nervous they were. You could see the sweat glittering on Aiba's forehead. Nakai then asked Ohno to say about this performace and their 10 years. When Ohno said finished, this guy with a loud low voice started shouting which says "嵐!紅白ありがとう!” It was so touching.
  • This I have to say but to see them perform on Kouhaku. I really felt like crying knowing how grand it is. But on kouhaku they just look like big brothers who know how to sing (steals nino line) but yet they are just record-breaking people who know how to do fanservice.
  • Ayaka last performance was on Kouhaku before she stops her singing activities. I got really touched by her and there was quite a few people in the audience who were crying.

In conclusion, White Always win because of JE and Tohoshinki!

Johnny Countdown

  • Few minutes before countdown, you could see Arashi still running in their white costume backstage.
  • Yamapi & kame started first.
  • After Yamapi shouted "welcome", Kame introduced Arashi
  • Arashi runs in with Jun looking straight into the camera (me: Stares)
  • Arashi sings 'Believe' with a more cheerful mood. After singing finish, the members officially started JE countdown.
  • Kinki Kids: Garasu no shounen, Kat-tun: Real Face, K8@Kyocera Dome: Naniwa Iroha Bushi, NEWS: News Nippon (Ryo sang from Kyocera Dome), V6:Music for the people, Tackey & Tsubasa: Sotsugyo (FINALLY!!), NYC Boys: NYC, Hey Say Jump: Ultra Music Power, Tokio: Love you only (LOVED!!), Arashi: A.ra.shi,
  • I know I'm biased but I have to flail on my 10boys. They are like so amazing it just feels like heaven sometimes. All 5 of them came out with manly black suits singing "Love you only" and Nagase voice just sparkles with Gussan voice. Mabo look like the best look-alike yakuza you have. Taichi is forever goofy which makes him lovely. Joshima looks at the camera, which instantly make my heart skip a beat. Oh boy. Arashi then came out with their 5x10 costume which really make me go all teary. All of them are just having so much fun with Nagase voice shouting "Arashi arashi arashi!" right at the back.
  • They started couting down after A.ra.shi is done. "kyu, hachi, nana, roku, go, san, ni, yichi! Happy new year!!". (we celebrated 2010 1 hr earlier :P) Koichi got kiss secretly, hehe. He look so shocked when he said "arigatou!" CUTE!
  • They then did a hit medley. Arashi: Love so sweet, Shuji to Akira: Seishun Amigo, Tokio: Sorafune (LEADER, got the father look! Omg!), K8: Zukkoke Okomichi, Toraji&Haiji: Fantatispo, NEWS: weeek, V6: Ai Nanda (Arashi was dancing to it :O), Kat-tun: Resucue, Hey Say Jump: Mayanaka no Shadow, Kinki Kids: Swan song (Sho did a longer introduction compared to the rest. I love the perf), Tackey: Ai Kakumei, Sharara (Again, with the same water fountain, the same swinging around)
  • Next was some Shapurei Unit medley. They combined singing. Ohno and kenken! Nagase hugging Koichi singing together (I miss this 2!). It was full of senpai-kouhai love. The two chiba guys (koki and aiba). Nagano & Ohno (food addict), kenken & koyama (2 high voices), Sho & Okada (Bambi and bussan *faints*), Nagase & Jin (O_O). K8 started acting as NinjaAs in their own kyocera dome that it was just hilarious! At the fourth song, TOMA came out! It's been 2 years since his last performace in Johnny countdown. This song was just purely fandom-crossing! Nagase still continues hugging Koichi (he can do it all night) Then right at the end is Jin-Jun-Yamapi. Those guys are just purely the party type (except Jun. who prefers talking to his tv) Uchi came out at the 5th song. The camera move and it shot Gussan hugging Miyake ken! Koyama with Sakamoto. Aiba with Junno. (This is really one of my closet pairing which will never come true until today) Uchi just acts so K8 sometimes. Mabo's just oh-my-gosh, oh-my-gosh, just oh-my-gosh-his-so-hot! For Nai-Nai-Nai, Jun, Toma & Jin were so close. Ohno, Inohara skipping to Tsuyoshi (ARH! Ohno got the over 30 feeel). Tackey & Tsubasa also finally sang Venus together!
  • Group change medley! My favorite of the whole countdown. Kinki Kids: Darling (V6), Arashi: Sukiyanen Osaka (K8), K8: One Love (Arashi), NEWS: Ai sareru yori, ai shitai (Kinki Kids), Kat-tun: Kibou~ YELL (NEWS), Tokio: Keep the faith (KAT-TUN), V6: Uwasa no kisu (Tokio)
  • This medley is just to flail about alot of boysss!!! Arashi doing K8's Sukiyanen Osaka was just too much fangirling. Sho still had his famous Audori poseeee. That song was just made for both Arahsi & K8. K8 did Arashi's One Love. Although they lagged abit but it was just so cute. Especially with the bird part and they acted as penguine! Considering that I'm almost anti KAT-TUN i can say that Tokio did better than the original. Since it's their genre. But it's purely my opinion, I take my stand.
  • MATCHY CAME OUT! (I nearly cried cos I was just getting bored at some songs! and then Mandy was pointing to me saying "Kondo masahiko" while I was just crazily fangirling over him) Tokio did the band for him. We were saying the backdancers are extremly expensive since it's all the JE members. They then sang "Midnight Shuffle" which is one of favorite JE songs.
  • After they sang finish, they transferred it to where T&T was. Mori Mistuko (86y.old) was there. If you don't know about her, she controls the whole of JE. She loves the JE members, it's proven.
  • They sang 'Hatsu Uta' Everyboday say love love love~~
  • Next is their yearly countdown tradition where they introduce the boys who were born in that animal year. This year is the year of the tiger so it was Kame, Massu, Uchi and lastly it's Taichi (who turns 36 this year!)
  • They showed "Saigo no yakosuku' and we were all shouting in the middle of the night. We also kind of fangirl-ed at Kimutaku's latest movie "Space battleship YAMATO". We want to watch the Nodame Cantabile movieee!
  • They also had this yearly segment where they interviewed the different groups on how was the previous years and their hope for the new year. Jun did Kinki & Kat-tun, Nino did NEWS, Sho did K8 & T&T, Ohno did Tokio, Aiba did V6, Ohno spoke for Arashi.
  • Joshima was so cutee! When Nagase asked him to said on how they felt for their concert in 2009, he said "GACHI GACHI! Gachi gachi!!!" then Ohno immediately "Ariagatou!!"
  • JE countdown ended after 1 hours (including commercials)
Conclusion: Never watch JE countdown alone. It's rather boring.

I did this on the first day of 2010, completed it on the 3rd day of 2010. I'm such an awesome blogger.

Pardon for all grammars and spelling mistake, I couldn't write properly with hyperventilating at the JE boys plus my stormy members.


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