it's 011 and my life have not change.

Sunday (10th May)

Happy Mother’s Day, first of all!(:

I went to grandma house for lunch, kind of a tradition and since everyone is free so we decided to gather. We had Dim Sum and we discussed a lot of plans. Including that I won’t be in Singapore from 3rd of June to 4th of June. Sad, that I have to give S-league a miss on 2nd June. After that I went Tamp with my mom and one of my Aunt. After such a long time, I finally bought my converse flats. My dream shoe will forever and always be the one Aiba wore for their 5x10 concert but sadly; I can’t seem to find it anywhere. DDDD: Went back to rest since I was going to watch IP man 2 with Eliza later that night. I was flipping through my channels and I came across KBS world so I decided to catch it. Saw Minho and Eunhyuk. One of the guys who was with them said that while he was doing his hurdle race, "I felt my penis was dislocated halfway." LOL'ed I swear I was happy I watched it alone. Watched a bit of the Korean version of [結婚できない男] (The man who cannot get married.) The lead actor actually pissed me off. I still prefer Abe Hiroshi version. Biased~

After that I met Eliza at 9 to go watch [Ip Man 2]. It was sooooo good! Really good! I felt my heart dropping in almost every scene especially the fight during the end. Let’s just say I’m proud to be a Chinese after watching this show.

Donnie Yen who plays IP Man is so cute. For some fairly odd reason, he reminds me of Sho. Maybe because of the way he smiles and his teeth. Eliza and I were flailing over this guy who plays Donnie Yen disciple. Found out that his name was 黃曉明 and he played in [環朱咯咯] and [Legend of the Condor Heroes]. He looks absolutely different. Like what Eliza say, ‘It’s amazing how your hair can change the way you look.’ Stayed over at Eliza house after the movie and reached home at nearly 10am the next morning.

Monday (11th May)

Happy birthday to Denise – my Arashi friend (: Thank you for all your Arashi Discovery (AD) translations daily!

I went home to watch [ヤンキー君とメガネちゃん] and can’t resist Episode 3 when Himeji finally appears but sadly they change the story. I would prefer it to follow the comic. Well, anyway when they change it, I prefer to call it ‘creative’ (Uhhh..I know) Woke up at around 3plus to see my cell phone filled with Eliza’s message on reminding me to book NJMJ. Called NJMJ and I felt a bit retarded that I didn’t read the website properly. I called for a lunch reservation and didn’t notice that they only served dinner. In the end, we have to book Jang Kwon for Korean BBQ. Meat is good!

Re-watched [イタズラのキス] and I cried at the episode when Irie-kun finally confessed to Kotoko after such a long time. I continued crying for the next 10mins and I went to re-watched [星光下的童話] last episode and cried my heart out again. It feels that I haven’t cry this much for such a long time. T_T.

你是個完美的人,很棒的偶像。我很愛舞台上的你,很愛海報上的你,很愛可以遠遠看著的你。 可以為你歡呼大聲喊出櫻井翔我永遠支持你的你。但是我愛的只是夢想中的偶像櫻井翔

Tuesday (12th May)

Happy Birthday to Fumiya Kobayashi – Arubi (: Although I don’t know you well, thank you for being such a good defender!

Woke up at 3plus and I felt like I totally went into a coma state because I received miscall from Eliza and my mom which I didn’t hear at all. Even the alarm clock did not work :/ Now I’m just waiting for 5:30 to come. It’s raining outside now, the thunder is loud. Watched [怪物く~ん] episode 4! AHH soooo good! Kaibutsu-kun so cute! XD Sometimes, he makes sense but sometimes he really don’t. For example episode 1, I don’t get it when he said “LIES ARE THE BEST” .__. For episode 4, he talks about elderly and it was so funny when he said “80 years old is young. I’m already 111 years old.” Kaibutsu-kun…everyone will look at you weirdly for saying that :|


Eliza, Audrey, Sarah came to my house at around 5 plus to complete the card we want to give xD Minty came around 6 plus after her school. Webcam shots with them (except Sarah who was sleeping :/) with my super nice red wall~!


We reached Tamp stadium around 6:30 to watch Tamp Rovers vs Albirex Niigata. The results are quite expected. Eliza and I thought the scores would be around 3-1. Tamp rovers – 3. But I guess we kind of over-estimated Arubi by giving them a 1 because they didn’t score any goal. Inui was off today DDDD: and Hayashi got a Yellow card today again! Asshole Refereeeee! Nobu was missing today until we heard from Jiaqi who heard from Nishio-san that Nobu is sick. POOR NOBU D:

After the match, Nishio-san asked us what kind of supporter event do we want. Supporter event O_O Hoho! The long awaited supporter event~! Yatta! Nobody had any idea so we asked him to go ask the players and if they don’t know come and ask us. I would really prefer or want a BBQ. We then did a ‘small’ celebration for Fumiya’! お誕生日おめでっと!

Wednesday (12th May)

Happy Birthday Hiroto – Arubi (: Thank you for being such a good kid and I love your smile!

Watched [月の恋人] with Kimutaku (<3), Lin Chi-ling, Kitagawa Keiko, Matsuda Shota *faints* and Ryoko-san! I love the plot and Kimutaku acting! *spoilers ahead* I totally flail so much like a little fan-girl at Kimutaku’s speech! “おまえが欲しい” Kimutaku! You can have me so much! But I can’t believe he said that to Lin-chi ling! Why???! *spoilers over* The one reason why I don’t like Lin chi-ling in this drama because her Japanese sounds weird and when she speaks or whine in her normal voice, she sounds like a doll *cover ears when she speak* Matsuda Shota speaks Chinese in this drama. I love his English so much though he sounded a bit weird in speaking Chinese (His character is a Chinese guy born in Japan). Anyway Abe-kun (the Mimasaka Akira guy in HYD!) was acting as Lin Chi-ling’s friend and OMGOD (!) he was dress as a girl (ダメダメ). If Jun and Shun was there, it would be a F4 reunite. Kya~ thinking of this is making me so happy! The drama rating for this episode was 22.4%! いいね~

Caught Arashi – Monster short pv and I can’t stop LOL’ing at tons of stuff. Looking at this rate, I think I will LOL at thousand and billions of stuff in this PV. Really! What is with Ohno belly dancing belt? /Insert belly dancing music. Don’t forget about Ohno’s AWESOME :DDDD solo. Aiba’s hair is super smexy-licious in this. I love it when his fringe covers his eyes. BUT why is he wearing a skirt…I mean a hula skirt (Aiba is into ladies wear recently!) Jun’s goes on the floor and do some cross-the-leg dancing, which was funny and redundant. Sho look too perfect as usual but it’s a bit wrong. Overall, it reminds me of ‘Truth’ and ‘Believe’ like what a lot of LJ-ers would agree with me. Maybe cause they come from the same director. To be honest, I really do miss times like “Love so sweet’ or ‘Wish’ but too bad Arashi need change. They can’t go bubble-pop every time. So Johnny, please! If you ever coincidentally happen which you wont to come upon this page, please please please ‘happiness’ once more?

Woke up at 3 then meet Eliza, Audrey, Sarah for NJMJ. Unexpected things happen. [See previous post for full detail]

Friday (13th May)

Happy Birthday Annabel – Sec school classmate (;
Happy Birthday Sheng Huang – Friend from taiwan. 好久不見 (;
Happy Birthday Michael – Cousin (;
Happy Birthday Uncle Patrick (;

Coma through my whole nap and woke up at 4plus. Minty called me to say her class end at 5 instead of 6 so I went to meet her at Tamp around 5:30 with Ohno-drey~ Went for ‘Manpuku’ and I finally had my yakisoba although it was not as nice as the one in NJMJ. In the end we stayed there and chatted till 9. Spent a total of 3 hours there talking. Girls..

Saturday (14th May) Sunday (15th May)

Happy Birthday Nobu – Arubi(: You are so moe.

Didn’t went out these 2 days but in the end stayed at home to organize my itunes with album cover art and to increase the no. of songs I have. From a 600 to a 1000. I added so many Japanese songs that I now have only less than 100 non-Japanese songs. Great Job wako-chan. Great Job! /glee I never felt this tiring organizing before. Even though it’s all a sitting down procedure, my hand hurts from the clicking and my eyes hurts from staring at the computer screen too long. Anyway, I’m proud for accomplishing this much so far for my itunes. 頑張ります

ss - itunes 1ss - itunes 2ss - itunes 3

I'm still going to do a little editing until I am satisfied.

Monster pv came out yesterday too with the making xDDDDD /faint. double faint. die. double die. I still haven't die enough! The pv shouts out 'Truth' and 'Believe' too much but the making is absoulutely so awfully cute! It's so universal starting with Aiba's chinese, Ohno's korean and thai and random person's 'Adios'. The guys must be preparing their job as tourist navigation. Too many Sakuraiba too ^~^ /pray for AAA'10


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