We ended dinner at 010.

Woke up at 3, met Eliza, Audrey, Sarah for dinner at NJMJ. Too bad Minty cannot come. Here is what happened at NJMJ. (Long story!) The moment we walked into NJMJ, 6 familiar faces was there. Mitsuki, Shimono, Fumiya, Yoshinobu, Matsuken and Inui. When all 4 of us walk in, Mken keep staring at us for no reason like we were some criminal.

We sat down and ordered 3 okos, 1 grilled gyozo and 1 yakisoba. The other 3 ordered beer. (Tiger and Asahi) It’s hard to keep your eyes off them and you can’t even eat properly. We even had to be so pitiful to start saying stuff in Chinese in case they can hear or even understand despite their limitation in the English language. Before that, we were so nerd that we had to ask the waitress to show us an example on how do we cook the okos. It was DIY method. While we were eating halfway, Kazu walked in with Satoshi and we warned Eliza to not look bad! Few minutes later, followed by Taisuke. 四角戀, something hard to handle.

Since they were celebrating Fumiya’s birthday, the staff at NJMJ presented him with a mini oko as a birthday cake. They then sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Fumiya stood on the sofa and thank everyone. After thanking, he pointed to Ohno-drey and said: “かならず君です” which is definitely you and both of us started laughing with a ‘WTF’ look. Too bad Eliza and Sarah were at the toilet to witness this scene. This will be one of Ohno-drey’s most embarrassing moments. Ohno-drey then went to the toilet. On the way, Fumiya keep on calling out for her and all of us burst out into laughter and then Fumiya pointed into our direction saying ‘かわいい’.

After that, it was left with Fumiya (who was drunk), Mitsuki and Inui. While the rest of them, went to look for Taisuke they all. Yoshinobu was, I think outside. Mitsuki and Fumiya started doing random stuff which is pervertic. All Japanese guys are perverts including Nobu! Fumiya stood up on the sofa again and sang “Happy birthday to 俺. Happy birthday to 俺.” Poor Inui look so embarrassed. He came over to us a few times while Mitsuki who was sober was stopping him. Mitsuki felt mature for some reason. Fumiya then poured the sake into the sake cup and asked Ohno-drey to drink it. It was so cute that he keeps on poking Ohno-drey and she kyaa-ed twice. Mitsuki poured Sake into a glass and gave Fumiya to drink. He bottoms up and felt strange after that and we were worried for him cause he look like he was going to throw up. Went to the toilet with Ohno-drey and Satoshi who was in front of us, for no reason is walking super fast! I opened the door to the female’s toilet and the first person I saw was Fumiya and totally went “WTH” then burst out into laugher. He said something to us which I forgotten and we told him “This is the female toilet!” but he was too drunk to notice and said “This is the male toilet” and walked out of the toilet. He was talking halfway and moving backwards. Me, who was behind him was so scared he would bumped into and I would bumped into the wall :/ Came out of the toilet, and the guys were signing on this pamphlet (?) with the photo of this year Albirex players.

We settled our bill which was $141 for the total. Nua-ed at the seats there for a short while. Mken was nice enough to ask Ohno-drey “大丈夫” due to Fumiya drunkard behavior and he even made the ‘ILY’ sign on his hand which we kind of guessed that he doesn’t know what it means. (I swear people will kill us :S) Shimono, Mitsuki, Mken and Fumiya went off to the bar corner leaving Yoshinobu alone. Poor thing but Inui came back to sit with him and they started eating stuff AGAIN! We then asked Inui what was he eating and he said “Potato butter”. The guys were joking about Nobu going back yet they didn’t know we couldn’t take this kind of stuff ever since Fuku’s issue. They also said Nobu was sick and so forth. We talked with a distance apart and couldn’t stand it so we shifted to sit with them. We even ‘stole’ their food to eat. XD Chatted stuff with them (and them being drunk ._.) while Fumiya look goodness head pain. We couldn’t even catch what Fumiya was talking 90% of the time. It was 10plus already and we decided to leave.

Brought Fumiya over to where Mitsuki and Shimono was. In less than 5 minutes, the whole conversation became a karaoke topic. Apparently, Mitsuki invited us to Karaoke at Cash Box and he asked, “日本語の曲知ってるでしょう?” Eliza replied with Exile and he said leave the Exile songs to him. Sarah also said Kinki kids. Mitsuki said he doesn’t know much of Arashi songs except *Mitsuki thinks really hard*. Fumiya: “LOVE SO SWEET!” while not standing properly. Mitsuki: イヤイヤ*thinks harder*. ME: “WISH!” and he said “あとで.” I go ‘ONE LOVE!!!!” Mitsuki knows ‘One Love’ like Hiroto. Aww~

Mitsuki and Shimono asked us to bring Yoshinobu, Inui and Fumiya to Cash Box first since they still wanted to drink. Inui woke up and mumbled saying that his head hurts and he will go later. We were then instructed to bring Fumiya and Yoshinobu off to Cash box. But I guess guys will forever always be guys. We were kind of guessing that they will stand us up since Shimono keep on saying “Maybe maybe” and everything was not confirmed yet. While seating at the seats outside NJMJ, I called out for Kazu’s name since he was just walking in front of us talking to Fumiya. Kazu took 10 seconds to reply but when he saw me he went “AHH!!! Domo!” like he sounded really surprised to see us. (When he walked pass us a few times already.) For some reasons, I’m kind of happy that Kazu smokes openly in front of us unlike Asuka or Nobu. Waited till 11pm and decided to go home.

Shimono was online so I managed to talk to him:

[1:49:29 AM] li ting - wako: すみません。先に帰った
[1:54:47 AM] 下野 淳: こちらこそすみません。
[1:55:39 AM] li ting - wako: あぁ。。。大丈夫。ふみやさんどう?
[2:00:01 AM] 下野 淳: 家で寝てるから大丈夫。
[2:00:53 AM] li ting - wako: よかった
[2:02:46 AM] 下野 淳: おやすみ。
[2:03:01 AM] li ting - wako: おやすみ

That's all. It's good he went to sleep early :D おやすみ Shimo-san!

マツ。。。会いたい. We have no fate, my dear.


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who knows.
i meet Mken tml after school :>
or even koto.com
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