Now 008 wants to meet Mr Yankee too


I'm still on my "Yankee-Megane" boom XDD I ended up not sleeping because I wanted to wait for ep3 to be uploaded so I can go sleep. In the end, it wasn't uploaded. Wanting to sastify this Narimiya craving of mine I even went to search Narimiya Hiroki on tudou which resulted in alot of my NANA (movie + anime) spamming.

Today, I went to Kinokuniya and had this urge to get manga so I decided to walk along the manga section to look for "Yankee-megane" manga to check whether Book 10 came out already but I grab book 9 cos I scanned through a few chapters on the internet and not reading it properly :P Taking this chance^^~

The drama, stopped at epi 2 (Not counting epi 3! Haven't watch it yet D:) in which they went to find Chiba-kun. The guy who didn't dare to come to school because of K-kun and they stopped showing at the part in which Himeji (Hana's jr) transferred school. Just to notice you, there's no spoilers here! I'm just curious as to see how the last episode will go. When they will show Izumi's history with Kanagawa,the computer club guys, Chiba's love interest and their school trip.

The girl on the cover, she's called 熊谷真. Kumagaya Makoto. She appears in Book 8, I think. Some gamer who became good friends with the student council especially Hana.


On another note, I finally decorated my room with posters!!!! :DDDDD /squealsssssss I'm floating in heaven Since I plastic wrap it the moment I settled down stuff in the new house, I had to put it up no matter what! Without it, I really REALLY felt that something was missing from the room!


On a more closer viewwww! Posters came from various magazine (I recommend Wink Up, Popolo or Myojo!)except the mitsuya cider who was given by my ex-boss who took it from the Japan headquaters. It's so nice of her~ Arashi fans are always nice. Hard to deny except -people who I rather not mention- No names XD;;


& this! 小豬 Show Luo, little piggy! I think this came from some album, like you know when you pre-order the album, they give free stuff. I think this picture was the wait a sec BEST out of all. Love how plain it is yet it attracts you more than the other pictures! Piggy, you are forever my 最高の男. 8D


Today, I went shopping at Daiso with Eliza and I bought fan! Pretty Japanese fan for $2(; WOOHOO The real Japanese fan can cost $70++. I really don't want to USE it. My heart will break first before the fan break! Don't forget about the wallet/pocket. D:


My sole purpose on buying this fan except the hot weather is because of Brown Eyed Girls - Sign. Why?

My fan will break before I ever successfully master this :/ Mayday dot dot dot~


[C16] No title

omg, i watched that drama when i was in narita/hokkaido (i can't really remember where cos i always mess up days) ;ast week, and i was wondering what drama it was !!!
looked so interesting !
  • 2010-05-11 23:32
  • emmaline
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[C17] No title

You went hokkaido last week? How was it?
Yankee-Megane nice :D You should watch!
  • 2010-05-12 14:47
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[C20] No title

haha, yep last week. it was too cold, and the sakura refused to bloom ):
in the end it bloomed a little, so (:
now that i know the title of the drama, i am so going to watch it !! :D
  • 2010-05-14 01:44
  • emmaline
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[C21] Re: No title

I don't think it will bloom easily in Hokkaido. You will have your luck only in Tokyo.

> haha, yep last week. it was too cold, and the sakura refused to bloom ):
> in the end it bloomed a little, so (:
> now that i know the title of the drama, i am so going to watch it !! :D

  • 2010-05-14 02:57
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