007 wants to meet Mr Yankee~

yankee-kun to megane-chan


I want to meet my own yankee-kun one day~

I have this urge to plan my next week into a random, crazy week filled with excitement and more excitement 8D I guess the more I cope at home, the more fun things I desire. It's a mystery as to why I'm feeling like this. www

I even want to do spring cleaning on monday (HOHO XD Enjoy spring before it endsss!) but since I couldn't stand the mess of my room, I grab the vacumn cleaner, shifted everything out of my room so I can clean it and this was done yesterday. :DD Now, I have to find something to do on Monday which I totally have no idea. Maybe I'll do grocery shopping on Monday, I guess. My fridge is empty even my mom agree and this is BAD! Tuesday is korean BBQ, I hope. I miss eating meat meat meat meat in a large serving! Aiba and I think that meat is heavenly awesome so MEAT is Important! especially when it is like yakiniku. *slurp and clean off saliva* 3 things I'm starting to misss alot recently has become a must to do! 1) Karaoke with the same gang of people. 2) Clubbing with the same gang of people. 3) Etoile with the same gang of people. Talking about Etoile, it's been quite some time since I have watch them live. The last time I watch them live waas the match at Jurong east with Arubi ♥ Then it's the one of tv with SAFFC which they won. I miss 爸爸 and his amazing kicks, Miqilin and his hair footworks, Mendy and his heightt! It's such a fustration that Etoile home match tickets seems to be so expensive DDDD:

Today is FT 20th birthday!(: I did wish him a 'Happy Birthday'. It's kind of creepy that how fast time can fly and by next month I'll be hitting 19 (NO!!!!!!!) which will be my last year in the 十代. Fast fast fast fast fast~ I'm prepared to turn 19 but I'm not prepared that I'm one year closer to getting married. It don't usually freak me out until you grow up and you know how guys cannot be trusted. T_T I had a marriage talk with someone few days ago that it's scary when you finally reach the ideal age for your marriage and yet you are not dating and you haven't find that 'one'. But as one would always say, when the time is right, the perfect one will come. So I guess waiting is the only best solution.

I need a short trip :/


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