Random 005 doodle

After I went to watch the repeat telecast of Albirex Niigata vs Home United at 6am, I couldn't fall asleep despite the timing :| (ARGH, no mood to even close my eyes D:) I went to rewatch FNS 2009 (super HD ver. causing VLC to lag) and went on screen-caping various picture which I ended up doodling on them to make myself a happy kid :D This is the reason why I need sleep -.-''


First one would be the scene when Arashi sang the 冬 song which name I can't remember. On the "I love him' mark, his the lead singer of EXILE some guy name called Takashi. Don't really know :P I like him more compared to the other singer name Hiro.


2nd would be for all the benefit of Big Bang and Arashi fans :D I see mini taeyang!~


Third would be when DBSK sang 'Stand by you' and I just happened to spot Big Bang in the screen then decided to doodle on it including heart-ing people xD I heart Tusyo. I heart heart Koichi. I heart x8 Go Hiromi. Big bang was sitting with Ogu-san!


Last but not least, I spotted this niceeee picture of Mabo, my dearest Mabo! Look familar, right? O.O Hoho, it's the picture from my iconsssssss >>>

About the match today, I really got nothing much to say or discuss about. What done is done. It can never be re-done. Time never wait for one men even the greatest Head coach xD


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