We can make it parody


Ps. Before you read this, this is fake subs not the real translation

OMGosh this is so funny.
We have MasuJun. Jun-baited, i was too. JunJun like salwa always do. You come in for some jun stay for the flaming gay. Ohmiya, Juntoshi, Shomiya, Sakuraiba Gayness i won't mind.

Aiba you are so not a dumb blonde, and we know there is black hair inside of you.

Nino we didnt know you were that physco even though games are ure extreme best friends. When did u started killing people? Oh-chan i wont believe u if u said everyone kills now & then. & Jun why are u saying we must hide the body properly, i cant believe this is you all.

Ohno: All the girls come running. They want Ohno & Nino. It's all about our star appeal.
Nino: I'll try not to kill you.
Jun: What the hell have you been smoking?
Aiba: Smoking is bad.
Jun: It's all about the MatsuJun. I'm every teenager wet dream.
Hahahahha. ROFL. Ohmiya Sk Rabu Rabu. Jun u little pervet. Every teenager wet dream.

"Go screw yourself Kat-tun" my fav sentence. Gomen ne~ kat tun fans.

[Watch out girls, brainwashing, gay dance of love.] HAHAHHA


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