Angry, Pissed off, WTF

I am seriously, pissed off, angry, WTF mode on

But first on i need to say smth

Happy 21st birthday to Micheal

If you don't want to read this then don't

Okay i had a BBQ today.
Are you wondering isn't BBQ a very fun thing to do?
There was 30 people to begin with and more than half i totally don't know
I was at a cousin Birthday and i was totally ignored by everyone except cousins
The older people as mario say the old folks in my family was complaining
Please!!! What's there to complain in the fire won't start
If it doesn't start then it wouldn't. !!!!
Next the Bee Hoon, you all were complaining i was getting pissed off.
If you complain quietly its okay, but you all were complaining so loud.
Hello, your son/nephew friends are there can you at least give him some face
The bee hoon is there for you to eat before the food are cooked and there isnt alot!!
Just a trip home and you all can complain so much
I was already pissed off very.
You all are just extremly unorganized.
Theres enough people for 3 cars and you all are so idiotic
Mario doesnt want to go home then go home without him
Yen ting is old enough to know what she want to do
Micheal wants to talk to his friend let him

Hope Micheal isn't sad ((: Cheer up okay


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