Arashian calling

It's really fun ne~

When salwa first ask me abt my no. , i was really wondering whether i should give it to them. To me, a phone number is really private but i guess it was given in the end. Till now, i have not regretted a thing.

Across the world, somebody would just call or sms you to say i love you or just dropping by to say hello

Receiving a text from emily while i'm still sleeping and her getting ready to sleep
Disturbing someone who is still sleeping in the US
Spamming people who are in class in the Phillipines
Getting 3 diff no. from Jo
Calling each other just to hear their voices
Sending random msgs and complaining abt school

Who could really cares abt the money and it's really worth it for that money just to accompany someone.

Thx Arashian


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