Boring Week~

For this one whole week, I have done nothing except a few things....

Monday: Wake up, lunch, sleep, Wait for News Zero & AnS
Tuesday: Translation, comp.
Wednesday: Type in translation, research on agriculture for project, Hardsub((:
Thursday: Project in changi airport, wait for HnA, talk to carine, Kill TVU and KH, trying to battle hard.
Friday: Continue talking to carine & Emily, Think of what should i write about Hayden, HnA, Screencaps, Slept at 5am Wake up at 5pm, Tada i'm here.

Carine and I was having a battle. With killing, magic horses, Karaage, Evil Doer, Daddy involves. You wouldn't want to know much, the battle got really H as things go by... (Hai Sians who love Arashi & The click 5 are crazy people)

Translation & Hardsubbing:
Finally, Suppin translation was done. Sorry Miss Shiow, my eng really sux alot. I did some hardsubbing XDD My textsubs were place properly after such a long time. I did a clip when sho was being a home room teacher. It was hard doing the timing and all these. *Bow to people who time & hardsub*

I guess the project is finally done...We were looking for 2 plugs in the whole of changi airport. 2 plugs side by side. Apparently, there was none and we finally found 1. At least we did finish already XDD

You shouldn't be reading this unless you know who is hayden and how important is she.
Hayden was born on 8th of June, 12:01am. Nice timing isn't it.

Finish Hardsubs
Do finish HnA screencaps for Agemasu.


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