Japanese Class~

Today didn't really do anything and just in time wake up for Japaneses class~

Nuha and Siti didn't come today so it was quite boring. I was addicted to camellia chocolate and were talking about Jrock stuff and Germaine was complaining how we couldn't stop talking.
Sensei ask me when was my birthday and i said 六月六日です。6th of June. She was asking whether it was Interesting or not and my answer was Yes. She also ask me whether Germaine got give me any present and ask me what present it was. So i answered her a Chinese Book and i was referring to the Xiao Zhu Book I've received from there.
Sensei teach us about postive & negative past, it was really a tongue twister.
positive past: かつたです
negative pas: くなかつたです
Then we did sentence and question on it. We also had to ask people what was the first thing that they wanted right now.
Qns: 今 何が 一番 欲しい ですか。
Ans: Nitendo です
Qns: どんな が 欲しい ですか。
Ans: Ds Or Wii です
Qns: どうして Nitendo が 欲しい ですか
Ans: 楽しいですから

I replied Nitendo because i seriously i want a Nitendo Right now!!!!!!! Germaine wanted food, Elaine wants a airplane ticket to Saudi Arabia because her father is there, camillia and Rachel wants money because money is IMPORTANT!!~
Had dinner at white sands and saw Mr Tay and his family, so sweet ((: During dinner germaine and I were talking about what happen during childhood.
Thats how a boring and normal day last...


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