Finally, I cut my hair((:
The lady was an Indonesian Chinese and she was friendly((: It was so noisy the boy at the Malay barber shop next door was crying so loudly. I forgive him because it's his first time cutting my hair((: She cut my hair and thin it. Koichi thiningXDD.

So, Blah blah. I guess its tomorrow, the long awaited tomorrow. Belated 誕生日おめでっと Benny Cai XDD.
Screw homework
& i will be gone from Tuesday to Friday cause i will be going to see ARASHI !! i wish!! I'll be off to Malaysia Genting. Yes Again. Damn It, why genting again. Who cares, I'm happy out of Singapore at least for 4 days to JUST SHOP.
Note to self: the purpose is the shopping !!


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