One Love

I want to tell you, but cannnot.
We shine very much now though it is not possible to become obedient at times and there was a crying season, too.

The shape of the happiness that of each draws becomes big come in succession love.
Let’s live abruptly by two people.

I swear to love you in 100 years.
You are all of me.
I nothing but believe the belief.
To the person who carves the same

Any you and any I
Each one is dear.
I do not need anything as long as you are.
I make you happy.

I did not know even the meaning of gentleness, and was waiting for you in rain.
We came here though it was also at night that was passed each other and damaged.

An irreplaceable meeting ties the miracle.
The song of the memories overlapping and the start resounds.

The only word sent to the companion who laughs and cried always together is “Thank you. ”

I swear to love you in 100 years.
You are all of me.
I love ..love.. nothing but.
It is promised not to be going to change tomorrow.

I chose only you one to be all over the world.
My future with you will shine for a long time…


Translation: rashiyu


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