Okay, so i got tagged by PQ in doing this last month ((:

What does your mom say when she yell at you?
Kiss Kara Hajimeyou -Arashi
If she's scolding me, how can she kiss me...

Your Dad Pokes you in the head what will you say?
Na Shou Ge (That Song) - Arashi
I'll go listen to some song that make me calm down and not so irritated...

Your best friend punches you in the arm, what will you say?
Long way to Go - The Click 5
Long way to go before it starts hurting..

Your crush bump into you at school, what will you say?
Final Remix ft. Wish, Love so sweet, One Love - Arashi
First i fall in love with you, then i confess, then i get together with you....

Your worst enemy walks up to you, what will you say?
Rock you - Arashi
So Don't stop my love!~ I still will love him/her

You are walking down the street at night when you see a stranger, what will he say?
Xin Li You Shu (The thought that counts) - FLH
He will give me a present and say that its the thoughts that count...

You see your pet, what will you say to her?
Jian Dan Ai (Simple Love) - Jay Chou
I love you so much with a simple minded brain (Like real...)

Your favourite teacher comes to you, what will she say?
Jidai - Arashi
Ya, he/she will tell me that the world is changing...

What songs do you play when you are...

Pei Wo Chang Ge (Sing with me) - Su Da Liu
I love the lead singer voice, although his a guy he sounds like a girl

Zui Chang De Dian Ying (The Longest Movie) - Jay Chou
I guess so. After all, its a sad story behind the mv.

Take me faraway - Ohno Satoshi
No way! the most will be me just floating around XD

In Love:
Gori Muchuu - Arashi
Rainy. Cloudy. Fine Today~

Missing someone:
Mi Gong- Wang Ruo Ling
Let's start from here just missing someone...

Having a Bad Day:
Nobody's Perfect- Hannah Montana
Yup, this is good. At least i know everybody have those days.

Trying to go to sleep:
Zhou Da Xia - Jay Chou
I want to be a fighter in my dream !! XD

Really Really hyper:
Can't Let You Go - Sakurai Sho
Coincidence? I get hyper hearing this song...

What song was being played when you were...

Having your first Birthday:
Zhi Shao Hai you wo (You still have me) - FLH
Family and friends will be there((:

Going out with your first boyfriend:
A.ra.shi -Arashi
Of cos, cos either one of them would be mine. *staring at 2 people*

Getting married to:
Check Yes Juliet - We the King
Romeo, Romeo where are you?

When you're having your first kid:
Be with you - Arashi
I will be with my kid forever...

I'm gonna tag...
Drums Rolling.....


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