Final Remix

1)Final Remix

They are singing Final Remix. A very nice song to began with. Remix with Wish, Love So Sweet, One Love which is all of HYD1, 2 and Final Theme Song. Sugoii Ne~
Wish = Confession
Love So Sweet = Together
One Love = Getting Married
How i wish Domyouji does that to me. I will be so lucky, having a rich and caring husband.

2)Jun Being very Domyouji

That was the cutest thing i ever seen done by Jun. He was so Do-S and being his little Domyouji who love Makino so much. YAY~
Ore-sama no Namae wa Nan de

3) Lives

I have a thing for Arashi singing live. I was crying when they sang "We Can Make It" live, but luckily not this. It was so great, ohhw, expected from Arashi ne~ especially the perfectionist Jun.

4) Jun giving Hi-5 to Arashi member when they come in

That was the best thing that could happen. Jun loves Arashi too much. That's the reason why, when we young we fall in love. Eh?! Nope not that. The reason why we are jun-baited. But, imaging Domyouji hi-5-ing to the rest of Arashi is like Arashi becoming F5 and no more F4. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't want!! Arashi is still Arashi. F4 is F4, very different!

5) Dance Movement.

It's amazing how everytime whenever i'm watching/listening Wish and Love so Sweet, my hand will very automatic move to dance with it. Like in Wish rubbing your tummy. They didn't do too much for Love so sweet and i miss the cross so much)): One love was absolutely great with their hand movement.

6) Makino & F4

It was funny how Shun saw Domyouji on TV, then the rest of them rushing to find him. They were so shocked to see Domyouji singing with Arashi. The fans at the upper level were screaming when they saw them. Oguri Shun my first love <3

7) Jun Solo

"Eh!? Eh?!" I was doing this the whole time when i saw Jun singing his solo. It's only Jun doing his normal solo what? Eh! Hello Mr/Miss the problem is not with the solo, but it's with what the screen is showing. He was half-naked walking towards Makino and hugging her. I want to get hug by Domyouji!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 4 of them must be looking at the screen, thinking how lucky that Domyouji is.

8) Domyouji being Do-S towards Arashi

That scene was hilarious. He was so Do-s towards Arashi, like scolding them wanting to pick up a fight and Arashi being so scared. Poor Aiba for standing next to him. The funniest one would be definetly Ohno & Domyouji. If i was there i would support Arashi. GO!!! Ganbatte~ But ne, Domyoujiiiiiiiii suki dayou((:

9) The L Sign

Nino's L= Leenie
Aiba's L= Laura
Sho & Ohno's L = Li Ting

The L sign actually means Love <3>

10) Maou Cm

HYDF tv show promoting Maou. So Sweet~ Oribei Junpei acted by Ikuta Toma who was seen in HYD2 1st episode is now acting in Maou(: Matsumoto Jun group member Ohno satoshi is also acting in Maou. He still has that L sign while promoting Maou((: Imagine Maou a love story. Hontouni Kawaii.

I'm sleepy and Toma is waiting for me on the bed XDD


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