Arashi is HOT

i got this from Arashi.vox.com


if you are an ohno fan where you sit is VERY important
he ONLY looks at the people RIGHT in front of him
you can ask a lot of ohno fans...
but if you arent in the first few rows of area or the center seats
getting eye contact with ohno is almost impossible
but overall ohno has the BEST fan service
he gives his towels away
he gives his sign boards with both hands
he shakes hands
gives hugs
will imitate you gyrating your hips
will play rock paper scissors with you
will connect fingers will you while youre doing peace signs
so next year...even if i have to pay $500 i will be in the center

oh my god.
videos & pictures do him NO justice
sho is ABSOLUTELY dripping with SEX written on him
he is SO SO SO good looking in person
when we had the seats in the arena that were close to the stage
sho was just AMAZING
i dont think people realize how good looking he really is until
they see him at a concert or up close
he is gorgeous
sho is definitely the MC of arashi
he talks a lot throughout all the concert
and he is the one that gets things going
once his tension is up he goes insane
he does a lot of imitating of fans, its really cute
sho probably looks up at the 2nd & 3rd levels the most


there is a rumor that aiba doesnt look at fans holding his uchiwa
this is true, he doest
i think its because hes embarassed?
and if you sit near aibas family then youre in luck
he really does pay extra attention to the section his friends&family
are sitting at
yesterday at the last performance shimura ken was there
and also his family were there
he pays extra attention to that side
also aibas hair has grown out a bit and he looked really good!
really good..thats an understatement -.-;;;
he did his solo from last year alongside sho...and must i say
aiba shakes his hips REALLY well!

i think i may be a convert towards ninoism
what can i say...i feel the most towards him
bc my experience with him was the BEST!
nino has this thing where he doesnt really single out fans
like ohno does, instead he does waves and peace signs
towards the general public
once ninos tension reaches the sky he goes insane
hes SO into everything and hes like just a little boy that got
a million presents for christmas
nino was SO adorable at the concert
his actions were just REALLY cute
i cant describe it bc you just have to watch it to really know
hes amazingly CUTE
i wish sanrio would make a damn nino character or something

that sex symbol jun ...
you can call him the arashi whore!
hes always grabbing the cameras
kissing it, licking his lips
if you go with a little kid, most likely jun will pay attention
during the 29th he actually stepped over the railing to talk to a little boy
that held a uchiwa that said `premium jun`
durng the 30th he went into the stand and gave a little girl a kiss
jun and ohno take their time walking to look at uchiwas
jun is another one that doesnt look past the middle areana seats
did i mention he has a perfect face?
yea he does!

OMFG!~ I'm gonna see how this Sex-symbol look like next year...


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