30 Days - Third

3. Your favorite TV programme

It's got to be some arashi programme right,

It wasn't how they danger themselves at night in Mayanoka.
...How they always become wacky in Nama Arashi
...How hardworking they could become to achieve their dreams in Wazari
...The show that got me crying alot of time in C no Arashi.
...The show that got me to love aiba more and more in D no Arashi
...The show that make me realize Sho is a sports idiot in G no Arashi
...The show that got me to miss them so much in Mago Mago
...The show that make me found out about Japanese culture in GRA
...The ever-changing HnArashi-chan
...Neither was it the show that make me confirm Sho is a sports idiot in VsArashi.

In fact it was the show, I found out that...

Sho has pretty sexy legs.

Ohmiya belongs HG(hard gay).

Instead it is the show that our aka-chan stormy boys hosted called...


So NTV, please, I beg of you, don't ever stop showing Arashi no shukudai-kun. It's my daily medicine.


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