Eat my heart away...

Since i was wanted to practice my Japanese. I asked the Jap guy selling the pudding "Ikura Desu ka". He was like "huh??!". But he answered my question. Carine was saying since his english is not so good then he found someone who knew japanese he must be happy. I HOPE SO!!
I am so craving for Croquette now.

So.. I was reading a fic and i decided to change bit by bit and some words remain the same..
If you don't want to read..can..remeber not for minors..
Fic Credit: Vampyrrep@Vox

He broke up with you a year ago but then the past still hurts...

Summer time came again, (Your love) was there too playing with a group of good friends. Later that night, you were strolling along the beach, not able to sleep with such a hot weather.. Did what (Your love) said was true? Was he falling in love with you all over again? You were confused thinking about it.

Just then, your vision was black and you couldn't see anything...
"Guess who?" (Your love) said covering your eyes with his hand.
Smelling his strong colonge, you knew it was him already. The colonge you once hated him for wearing it.
"(Your love), Is that you?"
He then turned you around and gave you a peck on your lips. You remebered that taste, the taste you longed for so much but did not dare admit. "I'm sorry for all the things I've done." He hugged you tightly.
"I forgive you, about what you said this afternoon..." you asked him, remembering the times you all shared together.
"It's true, (Your name), you knew i always love you, if i rather be someone with my entire life, that would be you." he touched your face, tugged your hair behind your ears, as the wind came in strong.
"I.." You froze not knowing what to say. Unable to believe what you just heard, but you saw that sincerity in his eyes about how he wanted to protect you from the earth, how he would walk through hell just to save you. it was not a dream, but a reality.
He then bend forward to gave you a kiss, as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Your heart beat faster as you lean in to kiss then becoming passionate.
"(Your name), Suki Daiyou" as he laid you down on the sand.
" (Your love), Suki Daiyou" as both of you gave in, now knowing the true meaning of 1 person, 1 heart, 1 soul.


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