I had 3 different dream of Sho !! <33
& a bit of Nino((:
I only remembered 2 dreams...

Dream 1:

We were shopping at GINZA !!! Natalie, Nino, Sho & Me!! OMG Ginza is like so expensive. Singapore's Paragon, the same thing lar!!!! We were on a double date and both of us were married couple. We bought tons of things, luckily Sho was there to help me carry((:

I was carrying a REAL LV BAGG!!

Dream 2 :

If you all have watched aozora pedal, you will notice this very obvious girl who confessed to Sho and got rejected. Sadded case. So in my dream, i was her!! BUT the story is different instead of I confessed, he confessed. ROMANTIC!! But this dream don't have!!

So i walk pass Sho during break time and he grabbed my hand. I wanted to ignore him want!! Then he said...
Sho: Omotesando Hills, 2pm
Me: Arigatou (DAMN I heard Omedetto. Retarded)
Sho: Arigatou? Okay, never mind remember.

WTH!!! He asked me out on date!!! DAMN EARS!! fkjnfdsjkdh


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