Miss Shiow was really angry on Friday. The whole class didn't do the homework that she assigned to us. I did finish 2004 & 2005 paper 2 but not heroes draft and Letter Report. Did finish it on friday, so i'm off the hook for Monday. Phew.. Just hope her mood get better, if not English AP & ICU i don't know what to say.

I find ICU really useless. I don't want to talk about it here. ICU sux..

It's true, I have not seen people from all sorts of life, but just get a LIFE for all I care. If you wanna make a mess of yourself, DO IT !!! No one is gonna stop you, afterall its your own life not mine. I still can lead a very wonderful life while you rot away at some far away place, at a corner of a pub all drunk and dirty. Beer bottle scattered all over while people heck care about you...

OH CRAP!! Why am i bitching about these too you.
I need Arashi videos to cheer me up.. It failed!! 1st time, OMG i am so not in a good mood and AO NO HONOU is not on crunchyroll and i want to watch it!!


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