I don't want to wear Band U for Photo taking... I want to take CCA photo but I don't want to wear the full Band U with long black socks..... I want to wear School Uniform. Will I sit in front? Let the Sec 5 sit in front??

Buy me Bubble tea and I will love you to bits!!! esp. HoneyDew Ice blended OR Green Tea BUT no MILK TEA!!!

So i was on the phone with natalie and some interesting thingy happen which is damn funny

She was going up Bus 88 when there was this maid with a BAMBOO. The typical Natalie almost fell, so human reaction by grabbing the nearest thing to her, she grab the Bamboo instead of the pole that you find on buses. She was thinking why this pole so shaky one.. and she found out she was grabbing the bamboo instead. She was super super PAISEHH!!!
Then, this family, mother and son went up the bus. The mother or the son fell down. Don't know which one. The same thing happen to her by grabbing the nearest thing to her which was the bamboo and she said "Sorry, I thought it was a pole."
A couple went up the bus and one of them almost fell, the same thing happen and she/he grabbed the Bamboo and said "Sorry I thought it was a pole."
Yes, same sentence.. natalie was trying not to laugh..
At the same time, I was going up the bus when this young boy in front of me when he tripped over the steps. I was trying not to laugh at the BAMBOO incident but when he tripped over, I almost laugh so hard, if i did people around me would be looking...


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