Aiba a person I would really want to go to when I'm facing the downs of my life. If you know Aiba's character, his really genki, as in really really reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy times alot of times genki and baka((: His always there whenn you need him. A really good friend who cheers you up.
Like a brother, his there to protect and care for you from the other evil guys of the earth.

Jun a person who i would really want to go to whenever i face any boys problems or even bad fashion sense. Want to plan anything, just ask him to do it with you XDD Jun comes in contacts with everybody from all walks of life.
I know Jun isn't a girl BUT like a girl, he will be there to chat with me on the phone about boys, the newest fashion. Like a girl he treasure friendship a lot and will always care for a person ((:

Nino. How should I describe him? A touchy person. IDK!!
Okay, Nino is talented, handsome, attractive and clever with game tactics. His like Jay Chou, cos his play the guitar and piano except Nino doesn't rap as well as Jay BUT his more kakoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii then Jay.. Ooh the i look like ! ahahha sorry just really being random..
IDOL !!!
I don't even know why i classify him as that. His like a big brother, but there's this line that both of us can never cross if you know what i;m talking about. His there to play with you, teach you music, and much more. His the best person to look for when you found a really nice music and nice game. You will never ever get bored in a Family Gathering.

His like the air. He moves floats around. His really quiet. His stares into space. His a listener but not a talker. His riida but his not a leader. He sings at the nicest voice. His dances like a dancing god. He shakes his hip until it shakes mine. He draws like a artist. He fishes because fishing is his life. Yes, his Ohno Satoshi.
Ohno make a really gooddddddddddddddddddddddd friend. Feeling down, just tell him, complain, comment, scream, get drunk, flail and i don't know what you got his just there. Ohno let's go fishing on day!!!

Sho, my ideal/ perfect guy. His study hard but enjoy himself. His clever but Baka. His jokes but not really well but since i think i got low humor i understand. You will love news, world news, local news and even read the newspaper because of him. & hello, he love kids!!!
You know why!! XDD

I love them((:
ps. I love ohno cut pics((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((:

So, we were talking about the testimonial thingy and what to write, so this how the conversation went between Ronny and Bryan

Ronny: Smart, intellegent, independent, Courageous.
Bryan: Courageous right, you think you F*** lion arh?

So, if you get what Bryan say you will find it funny

& to my fellow Singaporeans:



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