Rambling during dinner


Daddy: Tadaima
Me: Okairi
My dad being doing that ever since, i was shouting out Tadaima when i came home from school one day and he heard...

My maid went to close the gate, and a loud "BEEP!!" was heard.
Me: What did you do?
Daddy: Let me go and see what happen!
Oh! Uncle Cyril Car almost got hit by the gate.
Maid: Danger Danger!! (Sound familiar??)
So, i went to take a look, and my maid was down there opening the gate. & the gate almost got stuck. There was a jam since it's was a one-way road.
Me: Luckily nothing happen or else you die..

I was reading Today on the Mas Selamat, 1 million thingy.
Me: Let's go on a hunt to find Mas Selamat
Daddy: Eh! Don't want you go on your own.
Me: Huh!??? *Staring at the pic*

Uncle: My friend gave me big prawns.
Mom: Big Prawns?
Uncle: ya, he caught it somewhere
Maid bring out Prawn
Mom: You cannot eat!
Me: I never say i want to eat right? *Get upset & get tempted*

So i went up, on the way, i eavesdrop my mom and uncle talking. Since i was at the stairs and there was this wall, they can't see me!! I'm being secretive. Agent Liting on the way.. Over Over! I'm random..
Uncle: The fellow that is interested in our house is a chef
Ooh chef, nice food ne~
Mom: He doesn't look like a chef.
I haven't seen him before..
Conclusion: I think i'm moving house soon. But to where?


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