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So this was what i wrote

Greeting U-weekly,

I writing this email to comment on your magazine Issue No. 137 on the 26th July 2008
"Topic of the week 优话题" by 陈通玲 published

I'm here to comment on the content of what was written is this column.

I disagree on her comparing [Mawang} and [Maou] which is really biased. They are two different dramas with different styles. [Mawang] has it's own style to begin with and [Maou] also have another different style. As an avid Japanese drama fan, who is also watching this drama, i don't think Ohno Satoshi is doing a bad job is this drama. Unlike Toma who has the experience after acting in alot of drama, this is Ohno first serial drama and i feel that he has done a great job in acting as the devil and angel.
There is no solid critique here of anyone's acting ability - just a few 'this is bad' - stating their opinion, not qualifying it, not explaining also, looks and popularity are no basis to evaluate someone's acting skills.
If she has not watch the drama, i don't think she would be a good choice to write this drama.

According to local japan fans opnions, Ohno's looks and popularity could not be compared to Toma's.
This is really untrue. They are afterall unnamed local japanese people.
If you want to compare popularity, Ohno is more popular than Toma or maybe both of them has the same popularity.
Ohno Satoshi a member of Arashi is popular all around the world. Having fans in almost every part of Asia, Europe, USA and even the Middle East.
Ohno has one of the best voice and dance in Johnny Entertainment and he already has his own solo concert "3104 yen" which have really great reviews.
He is also the first Johnny to actually have a art exhibition all around Japan which shows really great arts of clay and drawings having good comments coming from all sorts of people.

Being a japanese drama fan for nearly a year, i feel very insulted and disspointed with what she is writing and how they are presenting it to the readers. People who have been supporiting Maou, Ohno Satoshi is really furious in reading this.

Thanks for taking time to read this letter.

With Regards,

I'm already being VERY, EXTREMLY polite.


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