Wierd things about me

- Phantom of the Opera is my FAVOURITE movie so far..

- I watch it tons of stuff and still don't understand the ending. (MOVIE)

- I love green tea bubble tea now so much more then ice blended bubble tea.

- I get really cranky with the "funny arashi dance" video on youtube

- I love "hiro" in movie so much more than in drama.

- Every guy i see now look a bit like Cao Ge

- I'm so addicted to Koizora

- I laugh at crazy random stuff all the time.

- Wants to kick a person out of her life.

- Laugh straight for 30 minutes when she see Sho getting all embarrased.

- Goes all Baka with Aiba

- Get called "Earth to Liting" by Natalie

- Favorite Director on the earth is Mr Pig

- Favourite Scarf on earth is a toilet paper (Mr Pig introduced it. LV somemore)

- Loves seeing Mr pig and his lip gloss while singing "Don't Cha!"

- Getting in love with MatsuSho Pair.

- Loves fairytale. Loves sequel after fairytale

Ya, i guess that's all maybe i will add somemore when I think of more.


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