I want a Rome Honeymoon.
A quiet wedding with just best friend and family.
I want 2 cute little kids.

Goals, Dreams or what?!

Justin showed the "Funny Arashi Dance" video on Tues. He pian pian had to show that one. Ya, he doesn't know that it the only video that i go like super crazy. SHO IS SUPER CUTE DOWN THERE WITH THAT HAIRCUT. It was around Sakura Sakae time or One concert I guess.

Speaking of One concert, i need to watch it again or just La Tormenta. When Ohno raps about Sho and he goes with the. "
There’s a belly piercing that shines with a flash" Sho will then slowly lift up his shirt and play with his belly ring
Goal: One day, I'm gonna touch that belly ring of his and not caring of that infamous Black Umbrella.
That's like one of the reason why I like young Sho so much. Rebellious.

The power of MatsuJun aka The Sex Symbol

She stood motionless as she stared at him during his solo. The song had a rock feel to it. And she could hear the audience going wild as he teased and baited them.

He was trying to kill her. Well, not just her, but his fans were turning into screaming crazy-eyed girls.

Everything about him in his “concert-mode” was just too..... everything! He was too hot and too sexy and it was all just too much. That’s probably why his fans tried so hard to get tickets. They knew he would be his sexiest during a concert.

Earlier on, when they were all wearing matching white shirts, he had unbuttoned his, showing more than just a hint of bare skin. Of course his fans had gone insane seeing this. It made her realize that he always opened up at least one of his shirts in each concert. But the big difference was, when he was singing with the other members of Arashi, his appeal was somewhat diluted by the others. Now, it was all about him.

There were shouts of “Kyaaa!” as he passed by a camera man who focused on his face. The live feed for the two huge stage screens was automatically switched to that camera and the whole amphitheatre could now see a close up of his face.

Would he really? Oh my God! Yes, he did! He kissed the screen!!!

The screams were deafening. He was a sadist!!! He was inciting his fans and driving them out of control. And he knew perfectly well what reaction he was producing.

For some reason, she could see him now in slow motion.

He was sticking out his tongue to lick his lips as he moved along the walkway. And as she turned her head, she could see the MatsuJun fans on the right side of the amphitheatre collapsing from heart failure.

Satisfied with that result, he moved to the left. After singing more lines, he posed, looked in the general direction of his fans through his shades, and suddenly took them off. Fangirls screamed once again. Then in a complete repeat of the same phenomenon, his fans on that side collapsed.

Was she just losing her mind and imagining this? Or was it really happening?

She blinked several times to gain better focus. He was on the move again. His solo was almost over and she could see the fangirls he had temporarily knocked out, rousing themselves from their stupor.

He stopped walking at centre stage.

She was at the sidelines of the centre section. As he looked in her direction, he tilted his head to the side, closed one eye, sang the last bars of his solo and made “come to me” movements with his right hand. He ended the song with one of the sexiest smiles she had ever seen on him just before he leapt up into the air while firecrackers boomed into the entire theatre.

She felt her spirit leave her. And so did the rest of his fans because they looked like they had been hit on the head with something. Or rather, by someone.

He left the stage to screams of “Kyaaaa!!! MatsuJun!!!!”

As the lights dimmed, there was not a single MatsuJun fangirl left standing. They had, once again, all collapsed onto their seats.

And because she didn’t have an actual seat, she ended up crumpled on the floor.

Credits to Keira_Aoi of Aibakaland

That scence totally remind me of YTM. The part when Sho plays the piano and Nino conducting then all the girls started fainting at some part.


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