Something seriously wrong with me. I'm getting influence by someone. Micheal Phelps is like HOT! Before I get crazy, his like super talented and blah blah blah. His the world fastest swimmer :D Love him <3

I'm writing a sequel for the fic below, the lady from heaven. I am changing the title to An Angel and it will continue to be NC-17. Yes, NC-17. Your eyes are not seeing things(: I promise it will be up by next week or else you can kill me.


Seems like everyone sick of eating school canteen food. I want to bring my bento toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!~ Sounds nice and delicious which is making me hungry. Julia & Larry have their onigiri, Bryan has his own bento set..then what about me? Maybe just grab something from home...
ps. thx Jason for the one spoon of cake(:

edit again**
It's dragging me so long before i feel like posting my chinese results. People are expecting great result from me. I knew how well I did, i didn't expected a B3 at first maybe a B4 cos i knew i did really bad for close passage like maybe out of 10 questions i get like 1 or 2 correct. I am not joking. Maybe if i do well for close passage and paper 1 i guess getting a A1 is not that difficult(: Where's my $24.... My mom thought I did really bad until I need to retake. Hello, if i want not I am forced too!! B3 with a distinction for oral. Don't know how i did it also...
ps. Cheer up girl(:


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