Do you believe in Cupid’s arrow that created ‘Love at first sight’?
Well Cupid’s arrow is not the only thing that is related to love.

What if I tell you there’s a book existed in this world that can tell you the person whom you loved most and the person that will love you the most.

A book so mysterious, that only few had seen it throughout centuries of time as nobody ever finds it. Tales and legends that come with it often ends up with the book missing after revealing the truth.

Would you want to take a look?

This is the Book of Love.

A book that was written by Eros (who was also known as Cupid), in ancient Greek times when he declared his love for the humanly form Psyche.

It was recorded in the writings that ancient gods were jealous of Psyche’s astonishing beauty that challenged their status.
Eros was sent by Venus to cause Psyche to fell in love with the ugliest man on earth. When he saw Psyche, her beauty struck him as he too fell in love with her.
Eros then tricked Psyche in believing that he was some ugly monster and she was to marry him but cannot see his real form.

One day Psyche saw his god-liked feature through the encouragement of her jealous sisters. She then fell in love with him immediately.

However Aphrodite, goddess of love (also known as Venus) rebuked their unity, Eros pleaded for his heavenly mother.

“What is your Love for him?”
Aphrodite asked Psyche.

“My Love for him is beyond the heavens and seas.”

“Then die for him. Die for your love if your love is real.”
Aphrodite challenged her.

Psyche went on to prove to her and killed herself.

Eros picked her body as it laid motionless.

“If you die for love, your love will die as well”
Eros told Aphrodite, as there was nothing he could do to stop Psyche.

“Then you tell me, what is love?”
The goddess of love wanted to know from her own child.

To which Eros replied.
“Love begins with nothing but ends with everything”

Aphrodite looked at Eros as he continued.

“Love is like a book;
You began writing the first page as you met her.
As you get to know more about her, the more pages you are able to fill in.
The book of love will only stop when your love for each other stops”

Eros took out a book and threw in front of her.

“This is my book of Love, this is the book which has written the person whom I loved the most and the most whom loved me the most”

Aphrodite flipped through the pages as she examines the book.

As she read, she was touched by the pureness of love that still existed.

Eros then killed himself to save Psyche from Hades.
However he was in turn trapped as Hades used Psyche as bait.

Without the god of love, the world became a dull place.

No one knows how to love anymore.
There were no feelings of love as humans carried on their life monotonously. Few died but there were fewer birth.

Upon seeing the world at the stage of collapsed.
Aphrodite personally went to Hades who lost all his respect from other gods and goddess for creating this mess.

Eros and Psyche were freed eventually but never see each other again as they put on mask to cover themselves.

Only the book of love will tell them where they are now.

“So if you have the Book of Love, will you want to take a peep to see who is the person you loved most?”

Book title: Mythology by Edith Hamilton


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